Allow Small Children to Enter | Bible Story

Allow Small Children to Enter

A man emerged from the crowd below to kneel before Jesus. “Lord, have mercy on my son!” he pleaded. He is insane and in great distress. In a fit of craziness, he falls into the water and then into the fire! I brought him to your disciples, but no one is able to heal him!

“You do not have enough faith!” Jesus lamented to the people around him. “How long will I be with you?”

Then, turning to face the man, he requested that he bring his son. When the boy arrived, Jesus healed him and cast out the devil who appeared to possess him. The disciples questioned Jesus about why they couldn’t heal the boy.

“Because your faith was insufficient,” Jesus explained. “You can move this mountain if you have the faith of a grain of mustard!” Then nothing will be impossible for you!” And Jesus was a big fan of kids. He touched them and healed them, even babies. When the disciples thought the children were bothering Jesus, they tried to send them away. But Jesus prevented them from doing so.

“Let the little children come to me,” Jesus said, “and do not hinder them.” “For the Kingdom of Heaven is built on such simple and innocent child-like hearts.” You will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you have the heart of a child!”

“Children and many others will harm you,” warned Jesus. “Scold them when they offend you, but forgive them when they ask for forgiveness, even if they hurt you seven times after repenting seven times!”

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