Jesus The Healer | Bible Story

Jesus The Healer

Sometimes Jesus’ presence alone heals a person. Sometimes his gentle touch or words cured the sick or brought life to the dead.

Crowds followed him for a glimpse, a healing touch, a word, or a glance from him. One day, a woman who had suffered pain for years, unable to get cured, happened to be in the crowd. She stooped and touched the hem of his robe. Her pain vanished instantly, and she knew she was cured.

Jesus felt that his robe had been touched and asked his disciples. The crowd was too heavy for anyone to know who it was. But Jesus looked around till the woman finally came up, trembling with fright, feeling she had done wrong in not taking his permission. Kneeling before him, she told him what she had done and how the touch of his robe cured her pain.

“Not my robe, but your faith heals you, my child,” Jesus said kindly. One day, the head of the synagogue, Jairus, came running to Jesus, pleading with him, “My daughter is dying!” Come to her and heal her, Lord! Save her!”

Jesus walked with him, but by the time they reached his house, a servant ran out to announce that Jairus’ daughter had died.

“Believe in God, and she will live,” Jesus said. So Jairus stopped all the mourners and said, “She’s asleep and will be awake in a while. She’s not dead.”

The mourners assumed he was heartbroken and shock. They walked inside, and Jesus said, “Get up, my child!”

And the girl sat up, to everyone’s amazement! Jesus told them to give her food, for she was hungry, and added that they must not talk about this anywhere. “Let not one hand know what the other does!” Jesus always said.

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