The Prodigal Son | Bible Story

The Prodigal Son

A man had two sons whom he loved equally. But the younger son was dissatisfied. He requested that his father give him his portion of the property. The father was upset, but gave half his flock to the son.

The young man sold the flock and took his wealth to another city. While he was there, he spent his time intoxicating until his wealth was lost. He had to work as a servant, looking after pigs for a rich man. Often he barely had enough to eat.

He decided to return to his father and seek his forgiveness. “It would be better to work as a servant in my father’s house, for his servants are fed properly at least!” thought the boy. When the man saw his son coming home, he was happy and bought him new clothes and set up a feast.

When the elder son returned home in the evening, he saw the celebrations and was hurt and angry.

He told his father, “I have served you and obeyed you all these years, and you never gave me a feast!” “And my brother wasted everything, yet you are celebrating his return!”

The father stated, “I have always loved you both, and I know you have been obedient sons.” “However, your brother was like one who had died and is now resurrected; he was lost, but is now found!”

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