The Three Wise Men of the East | Bible Story

The Three Wise Men of the East

Three wise men traveled to Jerusalem from the East. They went to Herod, the king, and asked him, “Where is he who was born as the King of the Jews?” We came here to worship him after spotting his star in the East.

Herod was very disturbed by this news. How could there be another king in his place? He called all the priests and advisers to consult them.

One of them told him there was an old prophecy that the Saviour would be born in Bethlehem. When the three wise men learned this, they went to Bethlehem.

There they found the beautiful child and gave him the three treasures they had brought as gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They had been warned by God in a dream not to return to Jerusalem with news about the child, as Herod was a jealous and cruel man.

When they had gone, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him that his child was in danger, for King Herod wished to kill him. The angel asked Joseph to escape immediately and flee with his family to Egypt. “Do not return till I bring you word!” warned the angel. 

In the night, Joseph woke Mary, and in the night, they escaped with their little son. Traveling for days and nights, they reached Egypt, where they stayed till Herod’s death.

Meanwhile, Herod was so angry at being made to look like a fool before Jerusalem’s elders and wise men that he ordered all the children up to two years old to be killed in Bethlehem!

There was mourning and sorrow all over the town.

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