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The Old Dog Story

A man used to have a powerful dog. That dog was fierce and used to fight with every animal. But the dog got old and weak over time, and he stopped fighting with the animals.

It’s only a matter of time before the dog was drinking water from the river, and a wild boar was also drinking water from the same river. He saw the dog drinking water and angrily attacked him.

The dog also fought with the wild boar to save his life; the dog fought bravely but eventually lost to the boar. The pig started laughing at the dog with pride. The dog looked at the boar sadly and said, “Every dog ​​has its day.” When I was young, I fought with all the animals and never lost my fight. But now, I am old enough to do this. Because of that, you won. Remember that you are laughing after winning. One day you will grow old, and someone else will laugh at you after defeating you.

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