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The Bundle of Sticks

Once upon a time, a farmer had four sons. All four of them did not get along, and they always used to fight. After a few years, the farmer became very old, and when he started feeling that he would not survive, he started worrying about his four boys; he started thinking about what would happen to them after his death and how they would live as a family.

The next day, the farmer thought of teaching his four boys a lesson. He called his four boys and said, “Now, I will not survive for long; all of you should come with some wood from the forest.”

After some time, all four boys carry wood. The farmer gives a piece of wood to his eldest boy and tells him to break this wood. The elder boy breaks the wood easily.

The farmer now says the same thing to his other boy and breaks the wood comfortably. Then, in the same way, the third and fourth boys also break the wood easily.

Then the farmer binds four logs together and makes a bundle of wood. His boys are watching all this, but no one understands anything.

Now the farmer tells his eldest boy to break the bundle of that wood. The big girl cannot break that wooden bundle despite putting all her strength into it. Seeing his condition, the other three brothers started laughing.

After this, the farmer says the same thing to his other boy, but he, too, cannot break that wooden bundle. After that, the third and fourth brothers also try to break that bundle, but they are unsuccessful.

After a while, the four boys get tired and stand on one side; only then does the farmer ask them if they understand anything from this incident; they all shake their heads in no posture.

Then the farmer explains that it is easy to break the wood one by one, but when those four planks of wood make a bundle, it becomes difficult. And this also applies to our family.

He says that any other person can take advantage of the way you keep fighting with each other, but if you live together, you will become like a bundle of wood, and no one will be able to take advantage of you.

The four boys understood their father’s point, and they all started living together.

The Bundle of Sticks

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