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Daydreaming Milkmaid

A lovely milkmaid lived in a remote village all by herself. She would take excellent care of her cow, which in return would provide her with milk that was always deliciously fresh and thick.

She put in a lot of effort at work but also spent a lot of time daydreaming.

I completely forgot about getting milk. Permit me to dash to the market and have the milk sold before you return.

The young milkmaid didn’t waste any time and dashed off to the market in order to make a quick profit off of the fresh milk.

Eggs are going to be my next purchase with the money I get from selling this milk. Oh, it would be wonderful to witness the eggs bursting through their shells. In a short amount of time, a newborn chick will emerge from the egg.

I will take extremely good care of the baby chick, and it will grow up to be healthy. I am overjoyed since my beautiful hen will produce a good number of eggs. I’m going to put those eggs up for sale and make a lot of money. I plan to make numerous purchases using the money that I will be receiving.

Yes, I’m going to go out and buy some great clothes so that I can look my best. Wow, I can’t wait to attend the ball in that lovely dress since I know everyone will be gushing over how stunning I look.

At the ball, I will make the acquaintance of the royal prince; oh my, I will be dancing with the most dashing prince.

She was walking along when all of a sudden, she tripped over a significant rock and fell to the ground, bringing the pail of milk with her. “Oh no, I just realised all of my milk has been consumed.”

In the same way that her milk pail overflowed, all of her high expectations and aspirations were dashed to the ground.

So, listen up, folks: the lesson to take away from this anecdote is to never count your chickens before they’ve hatched.

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Daydreaming Milkmaid

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