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The Needle Tree story for kids

The Needle Tree story for kids

The Needle Tree story for kids | Podcast

The Needle Tree story for kids

Summary- In this bedtime story, we will see how an arrogant brother turned into a kind person after facing a life-threatening situation.

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who lived in the outskirts of a forest.

Among the two, the older brother had a habit of being cruel to the younger brother.

The older brother used to tease the younger one and snatched up all the good food as well as nice clothes.


The older brother was pleased to see the magical tree. As he was about to chop off its branches, the tree said,

“Oh dear sir, please spare my branches.”
“I will give you golden apples if you spare me.”

The oldest brother accepted the offer and was waiting eagerly to get the golden apples.

As soon as the tree gave him golden apples, the oldest brother was not happy and was displeased, as the number of golden apples were not what he expected.

The brother, overcome with greed, threatened to cut down the entire tree if it didn’t give him more apples.

Then the magical tree in rage showered hundreds of tiny needles on him instead of golden apples.

The brother collapsed to the ground, weeping in agony as the sun was about to set.

Soon after, the younger brother became concerned and decided to seek out his older brother.

He hunted for him in the whole forest until he found him at the tree’s trunk, lying in agony and covered in hundreds of needles.

He ran towards him and began removing each needle delicately one by one.


After the needles were removed, the oldest brother, in guilt, apologized to the younger brother for the way he treated him.

The mystical tree acknowledged the change in the older brother’s heart and showered upon them an ample of golden apples they could need.

  • Moral: It is always important to be kind, as being kind will always be rewarded.

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