How The Camel Got His Hump Full story

At the beginning of time, when the world was very young and animals began to divide up the jobs to help man, there was a camel that refused to work.

The lazy man spent the day lying on the sand, sunbathing and chewing on sticks. Every time someone spoke to him, he replied:

“Don’t screw me!”

Camel, come with me and run like we all do.

On Monday, a horse appeared with saddle and bit on, and said

“Don’t screw me!” The camel replied.

And the horse went off and told the man everything.

On Tuesday, the dog came to see him with a stick in his mouth and said:

—Camel, find and carry things like we all do.

“Don’t screw me!” The camel replied.

And the dog went off and told the man everything.

On Wednesday the ox with the yoke on his neck came to see him and said:

—Camel, come and plow like we all do.

“Don’t screw me!” The camel replied dryly.

And the ox went off and told the man everything.

At the end of the day, the man called the horse, dog and ox and said to them:

“I’m sorry the camel doesn’t want to help you.” He is terribly lazy and I can’t help but leave him alone. Therefore, you will have to do your job.

These words greatly enraged the trio of animals. That was how it was, when a genie appeared flying in a cloud of dust and stopped before them.

“Genius of the desert, does it seem fair to you that, this world being so new, someone could be so lazy?” Said the horse.

-Of course not! Replied the genius. “I imagine you’re talking about the camel.” He’s the only one I’ve ever seen wandering around.

—Yes, it’s the camel I’m talking about, whenever we ask him to work he says: ‘Don’t screw me!’ The dog replied. And you don’t want to pick up things and take them back to the man, either.

“Did he say anything else?” – asked the genie.

“No, he just says, ‘Don’t screw me,’ and he doesn’t want to plow the land either,” added the ox.

“Very well,” said the genie, “in a moment you will see how I will give the camel its well-deserved lesson.”

The genie wrapped himself in his cloud of dust and went to find the camel. The next day, she found him lying on the sand doing absolutely nothing and said:

“Friend camel, is it true that you refuse to collaborate with the tasks of this new world?”

“Don’t screw me!” The camel replied.

The camel’s insolence took the genius by surprise. With his finger on his chin he began to think of a powerful spell. The camel had risen to admire its reflection in a pool of water.

“Because of your laziness, you’ve made the three animals have to work harder.”

“Don’t screw me!” Exclaimed the camel.

“Don’t ever say that to me again,” the genie warned. I order you to get to work immediately!

The camel looked at the genie and said again:

“Don’t screw me!”

But just by saying it, he saw how his back, of which he was so proud, swelled and swelled into a huge hump.

“Do you see what happened to you?” Said the genie. It is the hump that you have put on yourself for laziness. Today is Thursday and since Monday you haven’t done anything.

“How do you want me to work with this hump on my back?” Asked the camel.

“That hump has a purpose,” the genie replied, “and all because you’ve wasted three days.” Now you can work three days without eating, because you can live off your hump; And don’t say that I haven’t done anything for you Come out of the desert, go with the three animals and be good.

Since that day, the camel walks with its hump on its back. Although being somewhat vain, he prefers to be called a hump.

Moral: We should do our work on time.

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