The Greedy Dog short moral story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a greedy dog. He was a stray dog he had to depend on the things that found on the street or in the bins or some people who show some love to the homeless, and they feed him now and then.

One day he was passing from the chicken shop, he saw no one to attend the shop.

He entered the shop, and went crazy when he saw whole juicy chicken, liver, leg piece hanging.


It was far from his reach, so he went around the ground cabinet to look for something and taught “I hope I could find something to eat there.”

He went around sniffing and looking for it, and suddenly he saw a juicy bone. He started dripping and said, oh my god! Today is such a great day! This would surely fill up my tummy today.

He grabbed the bone in his mouth and taught ” I will eat this juice bone alone in the quiet place,” where no one has to be there so one can take it away from me.


So, the greedy dog took the bone and looked around for a quiet place. He crossed the village and entered into a forest area.

In the forest, there was a river; the greedy dog was crossing the river; while he was trying to cross a river, he stopped, and he looked at his reflection in the river.

He was surprised while looking at his own ‘s reflection and thought, ” oh my god! There is another dog with an equally juicy bone, It looks yummy too.”

The greedy dog thought his opponent looks weak so he can easily snatch the juicy bone from his month, and that moment, the greedy dog decided to bark at the other dog, the bone fell in the river. A greedy dog taught, ” Oh no!! It was my reflection only, and the greed made me lose my bone too


He walks away from there in sadness and learns a lesson.

Moral of The Story: – Don’t be too greedy. Greedys never satisfied

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