The monkey and the crocodile Full moral story

Once upon a time in the middle of a dense forest, there was a big river.

In that river, there lived an old crocodile.

He was not able to hunt anymore because he was weak and powerless.

One day he was very hungry, so he thought to himself.

“It is very difficult to go on land and hunt”

I should try catching some fish in the river.

“I am so hungry”

When he tried to catch the fish, the fish slipped out of his hands.

The crocodile was so tired and unhappy.

The crocodile decides to rest under a tree at the riverside.

A monkey was sitting on the branch of that tree and he was eating grapes

The crocodile saw the monkey and asked, Oh dear monkey

What are you eating? Could you give me some of that, please?

“I am very hungry”

These are grapes…They are very sweet. eat these.

Oh yes! They are really very sweet. Thank you

I was very hungry and you helped me. You are very kind.

I would be grateful if I had a friend like you.

Yes yes why not, we are friends now…

I live on this tree. Whenever you feel hungry you can always come here and I will give you the best grapes I can find.

Thereafter every day the crocodile would come by the tree and the monkey would give him grapes.

They used to have a lot of fun together. In this way, they had a great friendship in between them.

Sometimes the crocodile would come and play near the tree and sometimes the monkey would sit on the crocodile’s back and go around the river.

Listen, my friend, I would like my wife to have some of these grapes

Can you give me some? Please! I will take them

Yes, sure I will pluck them right now for you.

The monkey happily plucked some grapes and gave it to him, and the crocodile took them to his wife.

Look what I bring for you, my friend monkey has sent these for you.

“Oh wow…” these grapes are sweet.

My dear husband, till when will you survive on berries?

Just think if the berries are so tasty and sweet, that monkey eats these every day.

How sweet will he be?

Yes yes, he is very nice! he eats it and he gives it to me also.

Actually, I was thinking how sweet will his heart be? and I haven’t tasted meat in a long time…

Can you give me his heart? Upon hearing this…

The crocodile started thinking deeply and said to his wife.

How can I do this?

I cannot betray his trust.

If I give you his heart, he will die!

He fed me when I was hungry, and now you want me to kill him?

I don’t want to listen to anything…

I just want that monkey heart. Go and get it for me, otherwise, I will kill myself.

Sadly, he went to the monkey t convince him and bring him home to his wife.

Dear monkey, dear monkey

My wife is so happy with the berries, that she has called you home for lunch.

Come… Let’s go to my house! Have lunch with us..

Oh… How nice of her! let’s go…

The monkey agreed to go with the crocodile, and they both set out.

They were going merrily.

A little into their journey the monkey asked the friend.

What is your wife going to cook for us?

You love bananas right.

So she will prepare freshly baked banana bread and some delicious cookies, especially for you!

How delightful, looks like there is going to be a feast today.

I am already drooling…

Looking at his friend’s happiness, the crocodile thought.

He should tell the monkey everything about his wife’s intentions.

Poor monkey… He is dreaming of a delicious feast…

But little does he know that my wife wants to eat his heart for his lunch.

Should I tell? I will tell him the truth.

Oh dear monkey, I want to you tell me something my wife wants to eat your heart. Please forgive me.

If she doesn’t eat your heart, she will die.

As soon as he heard crocodile, he thought of an idea.

The monkey was very smart. Oh, I see. Yes. Sure why not?

My friend why didn’t you tell me earlier?

We monkeys keep our heart safely on the tree…

Now we will have to go back to the tree to get my heart…take me back to the tree.

Oh! How stupid of me!

Now we will have to go all the way back… Okay, let go back and get your heart.

If we go back empty-handed she will eat my heart instead!

The crocodile got the monkey back to the tree, as soon as monkey reached to the tree he quickly jumped off the crocodile back and climbed the tree and said to the crocodile.

You stupid crocodile… can anyone keep their heart out and stay alive?

I helped you as a friend and gave you so much to eat and this is what you did in return!

You are a traitor! Now you will neither get my heart nor the grapes!

go away!!!

The monkey used his intelligence and cleverness to save his life. And the crocodile, because of his stupidity, lost both a great friend and sweet berries.

Moral of the story: – In times of danger and adversities, we must not get scared

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