The Greedy Wolf and the Crane Story For Kids

Once upon a time, in a jungle, there lived a greedy, selfish wolf. He thought only about himself, so he did not have any friends in the wilderness.

All the animals hated him for his cunning behavior and avoided him at all costs.

One day, the wolf was starving and started searching for his prey.

After roaming here and there for hours in the thick jungle, the wolf found a whole big dead elephant for his dinner.

He sat in his place and started to eat the whole big dead elephant.

Although there was a lot of food, he still did not want to share the food with anyone else.

The greedy wolf started gulping food, and a small piece of bone got stuck in his throat.

He tried a lot to take out that small piece of bone. He started gargling harder. Even though the wolf coughed and coughed, but the bone in his throat would not come loose.

The wolf’s face went red with all that coughing. He could not be able to swallow, or he could not spit it out the bone.

He tried very hard to get out the bone, but it was all in vain. It was very awkward, and the bone started inching in his throat all the time.

The more he tried to get the bone out, the more it got stuck in the throat. He got scared and started thinking to himself, “this bone is stuck in my throat; how am I take it out?” Now I can’t even breathe or eat.

He ran up and down in the forest, groaning, and moaning, trying to express his pain.

The wolf started running toward his den and begging all the other animals he met to help him get the bone out.

” Help! “I can’t get this bone out. Please help…” begged the wolf. But no one steps forward to help the greedy wolf.

The wolf asked the long-headed giraffe for help, but the giraffe got scared, and he ran off from that place.

He asked the elephant can you help me to take the bone out of my throat. The elephant replied to the wolf, “why should I help you? you never helped anyone.” And the elephant moved forward.

Suddenly he remembered about the crane who lived on the bank of a nearby lake.

He thought that because the crane had a long neck and beak, he could help me.

He went to the lake and started finding a crane. Finally, he found one crane that was drinking water from the lake.

The wolf approached the crane and requested help. He promised crane he would suitably reward him for helping.

The kind crane took empathy on seeing the wolf’s condition and decided to help him.

The crane asked the wolf to sit down and open his mouth as wide as he could. She started finding out about the bone, and she finally got it. Now she put her long beak down his throat and pulled the bone out.

“Ahhhh, I feel so great,” said the wolf and started taking long deep breaths.

“I am glad you are doing well. It would be best if you gave me the reward that you promised.” said the crane.

The wolf smiles broadly, showing all his teeth. The greedy wolf said,” Dear crane, be content. You put your neck inside my mouth and took it out again safely. Isn’t that a massive reward for you?”

I guess this reward is good enough for you. When your head was inside my mouth, you should thank me for not tearing you apart.” The wolf started to laugh loudly on crane condition and moved forward into the jungle.

Crane left with a heavy heart after being very disappointed.

The crane made a mistake by trusting the greedy wolf. The crane learned his lesson that he should avoid wicked people.

Moral of The Greedy Wolf and the Crane Story For Kids: You will not be rewarded for serving someone with no honor; keeping company with selfish people will not benefit anyone.

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