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The Magical Pond Story

The Magical Pond Story | Podcast

There lived a wealthy merchant named Dhaniram in a village. He was wealthy and had two wives. The first wife’s name was Rama, and the second wife’s name was Meena.

Meena, Dhaniram’s younger wife, had black hair and a gorgeous face. At the same time, Rama did not look so beautiful, so Dhaniram loved Meena more.

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Rama was an excellent lady of the heart, and she used to do all the household chores. She loved Dhaniram very much, while Meena did nothing at all but groom herself all day.

One day Dhaniram calls Meena, “Meena, O Meena, come here; there is some work for you,” but Meena ignores her voice because she is making her hair. Rama hears her husband’s voice and approaches him, asking what the work is; if there is work, tell me I can do it while Meena is doing her hair.

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By then, Meena has arrived, and as soon as she arrives, she begins fighting with Rama, claiming that you were provoking my husband against me.Tell me why you have such a problem with me. My husband loves me more. So you are jealous of me.

Dhaniram calms both of them and asks Rama to bring a glass of water for him. He then tells Meena that he is travelling to another city for business. He will return after a month. However, he does not want to tell Rama because he does not want to leave after seeing her cheap face.

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Rama overhears this and feels very hurt, and she decides to leave the house after her husband leaves.

When she is leaving the house and walking into the forest, she comes across a tree under which a lot of garbage is collected. She says to herself, “Oh, how much garbage is stored under this tree?” “Let me clean it a little bit.”

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As soon as Rama finished cleaning the tree, the tree started speaking and said, “Just as you have cleaned the dirt under my tree, similarly, all the sorrows in your life will also be cleared.” Hearing this, Rama thanked the tree and moved on.

As Rama moves forward a bit, she sees a banana tree that was bent because it bore a lot of fruit. Rama thinks that “This tree needs support.” “If it is not supported, it will break.” Then Rama raises a stick from close range and gives support to the tree. As soon as the tree is supported, the tree starts speaking. This is because you have helped me, and in the same way, you will get a lot of support in your hour of sorrow. He thanks the tree and moves ahead.

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Rama sees an almost-dry tree when she moves deeper into the forest. Rama looks at that tree and thinks, “If this tree is not watered, then this tree will die.” Rama pours several buckets of water into the tree, and the tree suddenly becomes alive and green. As soon as the tree is alive, he says to Rama, “The way you have made me beautiful again, you too should always be beautiful.” Go and take a dip in the nearby pond, and then you will become beautiful. She gets ready for a dip in the pond.

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At the behest of the tree, as Rama dove into the pool, she became beautiful like an angel, and her face also started glowing. She started speaking to herself, saying, “Wow, I have become very beautiful,” and she thanked the tree.

Now Rama walked to her house. She stared at her and asked her how she had become so beautiful, and Rama told her the whole story. Meera said that after hearing this, I will also go there and bring a beautiful face too.

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When Meera walks along the same path Rama described, she encounters the same tree on the path, underneath which there is a lot of garbage. That tree asked her, “Can you help me?” A lot of waste has accumulated under me. Just clean it. Meera says that I have not come here to do any cleaning. This is not my business. Tell me the path to the magical pond; I am going my way. And by saying this, Meera moves forward. Similarly, Meera moves ahead by forbidding all the trees to work and somehow reaches that magical pond.

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She jumps right in after looking at the magical pond. But when she comes out, instead of becoming a beautiful angel, she starts to look like an ugly witch. Seeing this, she starts crying loudly and comes out of the pond. She asks the tree, “Why did you do this to me?” What was wrong with you? The tree answered, “This magic pond doesn’t do anything.” It gives people a face that reflects how they feel, and you are ugly from the inside. You haven’t treated Rama properly.”Now you have to live with this face only.”

The moral of this story is that we should never misbehave with anyone, or else the consequences will be awful.

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