Story on Importance of Hard Work

Importance of Hard Work

Story on Importance of Hard Work | Podcast

Summary of Importance of Hard Work: This story is about three rabbits, one of whom has a bad habit of stealing; the other has a bad habit of deceiving everyone by betting, but the third rabbit is hard-working and always works hard. One day, the third rabbit decided to teach a lesson to the two rabbits and bring them onto the right track. Was he able to teach them a lesson? Read the full story below to go on.

In the southern part of the Chandan Forest, rabbits had settled in a whole cheeky town. Large animals rarely used to come here because the forest was not very dense in this part.

All the rabbits lived fearlessly with great ease. Most of the rabbits of Chiku Nagar used to do farming. The whole Cheeku city was situated underground; only their fields were upstairs.

Amir and Adam lived differently from everyone else in the entire Cheeku city. If they had to work hard, even in their dreams, their bodies used to ache throughout the day.

Adam did not know anything other than eating. If someone talked to him, he used to talk only about food and drink. Because of this, everyone used to call him Gourmet.

Even for food, he had chosen the easiest theft route. When he had nothing left to eat, he would steal from the fields at night and eat lying down until the food items were exhausted.

He was also beaten up several times due to this habit, but his routine had not changed. 

On the other hand, Amir used to cheat innocent rabbits by betting, and without doing anything, his house was full of food items.

He used to weigh a piece of wood or clay and put it somewhere. Then, when many rabbits were coming and gossiping at that place, Amir would reach there and pick up a piece of wood and say, “This wood must be a hundred grams.” Some people used to say, “It will not be less than a hundred grams,” which some rabbits used to say. “Take a bet,” Amir immediately used to reply, “OK bet.” When they weighed that wood, Amir always won. He often kept his house full of food items by cheating rabbits like this.

One day, Ace Rabbit was resting under a giant banyan tree. Then Amir came there while walking.

He provoked Ace to bet in many ways, but Ace was not ready. Once, Ace was defeated by Amir. Since then, he became alert, and he understood Amir’s cunning.

Ace said, ‘The Adam is very lazy; he can’t do any work,’ said Amir, “if someone gets it done, why not?” He must have the intelligence to get the job done.” 

“Put a bet; the Adam cannot do any work,” Amir said immediately. Okay, at some point in the next week, I’ll get Adam to do some work.

Thinking of something, Ace said, “If you get him to work, then I will give you two hundred carrots; otherwise you give me a hundred only,” said Ace.

Amir was very happy to have trapped the new victim. He explained to Adam that no matter how much Ace lures you, do not do any work for him, and I will give you thirty sweet carrots.

Similarly, the Adam gets a fever in the name of work, and when thirty carrots are being received without working, the Adam cannot even move from his place.

Ace also understood that Adam would not work at any cost if he asked. He needs to use some tricks to get the work from him.

Three days passed with this thought. Ace finally got an idea, so he immediately left his house.

At a distance, Adam was seen lying in a bush. Ace reached near that bush and started muttering, “I don’t know where three hundred carrots are buried in the field.” “Tomorrow, I will dig them out.” When Adam heard about three hundred carrots, his mouth watered.

He thought that if he stole so many carrots from Ace, he could comfortably spend two to three months.

Ace sat hiding in the bush near his field at night and waited for Adam. He believed that Adam would definitely come to steal the carrots. “When midnight passed, Ace woke up and saw Adam digging the field. He raised his ears and sat down.

Adam was digging the field with full force in search of carrots. Sometimes he explores here and there; when carrots are not found there, he starts digging at another place.

‘Ace secretly got up from there and jumped to Amir’s house. Amir was sleeping soundly.

‘Get up Amir, you lost the bet,’ said Ace, waking up Amir.

“How did I lose, I have not lost any bet till today,” said Amir with a yawn. “Come on look, Adam is working in my field,” said Ace.

“what?” Amir spoke in surprise and went along. Ace woke up some other people too and took them along. By the time they reached the farm, Adam had dug almost the entire field.

“Look at that,” said Ace, pointing towards Adam. Adam was shocked to hear the sound. Seeing so many people at once, he was terrified; he understood his theft had been caught.

“Ace brother, a mistake has been made. Now I will not steal.” Adam panicked and said while he was coming near to Ace.

Amir understood that he had lost the bet, and he did not even have twenty carrots to give in the bet. He had thought that he would get a hundred carrots for free to eat.

“Ace, I lost the bet, but I don’t have carrots,” Amir said softly. “So do this; you work in my field every day. I will give you two carrots every day for work, and you will have to work in my fields for a hundred days, and the Adam will also have to work in the field with you, or else I will report the theft to the king,” said Ace.

Both Amir and Adam were trapped, and they had to obey Ace. Both started working in his fields, and gradually they learned to eat by working hard.

Adam had given up stealing, and Amir had given up cheating by betting.

Ace had changed the lives of both of them.

Moral of the Importance of Hard Work Story is – There is no alternative of hard work, laziness is the mother of all evil.

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