The -tale-of-The-Golde-Droppings

Once upon a time, there was a bird who lived on a big tree whose name was Sindhuka. The bird Sindhuka had a unique ability that her drooping turns into gold as soon as they hit the ground.

So once a Hunter came to the forest to hunt; however, Hunter’s day was terrible. The Hunter couldn’t find a single thing in the forest to hunt.

Then the Hunter decided to rest under the tree; while resting, he felt a drooping of a bird on his shoulder.

The Hunter used to hunt from the age of seven, but he had never seen a golden drooping. The Hunter was amazed.  

Before this, Hunter had never seen nor heard of a bird with golden drooping. “If I catch this one bird, this will give me more profit than wasting time to catch other birds “the Hunter decides to trap Sindhuka. 

Sindhuka was not aware of the trap; she stayed on the branch and glared, singing. Soon Hunter tightened the trap and caught the bird, and put it into the cage.

The Hunter was delighted and moved towards the town; he wondered if I would be rich with the golden drooping off the bird.

But later, he started thinking that someday the public will come to know about the secret of sindhuka golden drooping, and they will try to take the bird from me, and if the King gets to know, he will punish me. 

So, the Hunter decides to gift the bird to the King as the bird will get the royal treatment and he will get a reward in return.

The Hunter took the bird and moved towards the palace and gifted the King with honors.

The King was very happy and asked his men to keep the bird in a safe place and feed the bird with the best bird food, but his minister refused to accept the bird. 

Minister said, “Oh King, there is no use of trusting this Hunter and accepting the bird. Does any has seen the golden drooping of the bird? Why will he give you the bird with the golden drooping?”

The ministry said, “Release the bird from the cage; he is fooling you for the prizes and rewards.”

The King heard the minister’s advice and decided to go with his advice, releasing the bird and punishing the Hunter.

As soon as sindhuka was released, she landed herself on a high wall and dropped the golden dropping; seeing this King and minister were amazed.

Soon the King realized that he had made a mistake, The King ordered his soldier to catch the bird, but he was so late that Sindhuka flew away.

Then sindhuka recited, “first I was a fool, then the Hunter and then King and his minister.”

Moral: – It is very important to check minutely even when facts and rumors may seem doubtful and questionable.

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