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The Ugly Tree Story


The Ugly Tree Story


Today, children, we will tell you the story of an ugly tree. From this story, we will learn that inner beauty matters more to us than outer beauty. His companions used to treat Ugly Tree very badly, but he did not answer their words. But one day, something happened that changed everything. Read this story to know what happened to that tree.

Once upon a time, there were many trees in a dense forest. All those trees were really tall, green, huge, and magnificent, but among those trees, there was a very clumsy and short tree whose trunk was very crooked, its branches were dry, and there were very few leaves on them.

All the trees around him used to tease the tree by calling him an ugly tree. He used to feel very bad after hearing the words of those trees, but he would never answer their words.

One day, all such trees were talking among themselves and praising themselves. The mango tree says, “Look how many juicy fruits have been planted on me. I am the most precious tree in this forest. ” Then another tree says, “It’s nothing. Look at me; I am so huge and green. Because of me, the forest is green, and it is because of me that the world gets fresh air.

Then the third tree says, “You both keep praising yourself.” Both of you do not have as many beautiful flowers as I do. My entire stem and leaves are covered with flowers, and the fragrance of my flowers scents the whole forest. Look how many birds are sitting on me! I am the home of bees and other animals. They all love me. I am the most beautiful tree in this forest.

That ugly tree is listening to all of them and speaking to them. “Brothers, everyone has some importance in this world, so we should not fight amongst ourselves and live together.” Yes, you are all wonderful, strong, and sweet fruits and flowers grow on you. It would help if you shared all this with people; we should not consider anyone small or big.

Hearing such things from the misshaped tree, all the trees started laughing at him and making fun of him back. All the trees speak together; do you know what it is like to be beautiful, strong, and green? You are the ugliest tree in this world; you will say that you give everything because you do not have any of these.

That day the tree got angry for the first time. He thought that despite how much injustice had been done to him by God, he had not made him beautiful like other trees, for which mistake God had taken revenge on him.

From that day onwards, that tree stopped talking to everyone. But the rest of the trees used to make fun of him in the same way. Such days were passing when suddenly, all the trees saw a lot of activity in the forest. One day, they saw humans for the first time.

All these human beings have an ax in their hands; all the trees start talking among themselves. Who are these creatures? We have never seen such creatures in the forest! The mango tree says, “Has he come to pluck our fruits?” The tree laden with flowers says, “Has my scent brought them here?” That’s when the densest tree speaks; I feel that they have come here to live in my shade.

Then all the people start talking among themselves, and they say that we have to cut a lot of good trees, and by selling them in the market, we can earn a lot of money. They all start choosing the trees of their choice, which tree to cut.

A woodcutter likes a mango tree; another woodcutter likes a tree full of flowers; a third like the densest tree, and so on; all the woodcutters choose the tree. Then a woodcutter’s eyes also fall on that ugly tree, saying, “Such an ugly tree!” There is no use in cutting this tree; nothing will be received from it, wood or fruit, and they leave that tree.

As soon as the woodcutter starts hitting his ax on the trees, all the trees start screaming and crying, saying, “What have we done wrong to you that you are cutting us?” But the woodcutter does not listen to them and keeps attacking them with an ax, and in no time, all those trees are cut down and fall to the ground. Then the woodcutter makes small pieces of those trees and goes away by tying them in a bundle.

The ugly tree was watching it all. That day, he realized for the first time that if he was not ugly, then today, he too was cut into small pieces like these same trees. He thanked God and had no complaints about her appearance from that day on. He understood one more thing: the outer form is only for show, which can be erased at any time.

  • The lesson from the ugly tree story is that we should never make fun of anyone. External beauty can end at any time.

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