The Hare and the Tortoise | Moral Story

Hare and the Tortoise

Hare and the Tortoise | Podcast

Once upon a time, there was a jungle. In that jungle, there lived a tortoise and a hare. Both were good friends, and they always used to tease each other.

Once the hare said to the tortoise, “Why are you so slow?” You have so much weight on your back. I do not know how you even walk. The tortoise replied to the hare, “You know why you are so afraid of everything?”

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Both friends enjoyed each other’s company. However, one day Hare thought of an idea. He said to the tortoise, “You always make fun of me; why don’t we get into competition?” 

Tortoise asked, “What kind of competition?” 

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Hare replied, “Let us have a competition to see who can run faster.” 

Tortoise said no, no, no, we cannot take on the competition of who will run faster; instead, we should take on the competition of who reaches the wall. 

Hare taught himself, “Oh, it means the same thing,” because whoever runs faster will reach the goal first, anyway, so he agreed to the tortoise condition. 

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So the day of the competition arrived, they came to a decision, got ready to start, and both of them started moving towards the goal that they had set. 

Hare was so much faster than we thought and reached halfway in a short while, but when he looked back, the tortoise was not even in this fight. 

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Then he thought, “Let me eat some lush green grass and some vegetables; it will take a long time for the tortoise to come and catch me up, so why don’t I enjoy some food until then?” So he began picking up and eating the vegetables. 

So once he had his stomach full, he thought to himself, “The tortoise is still far away.” “I can easily beat him; why don’t I sleep for a while?” and then I will get up and achieve the goal. 

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So he fell asleep, and the tortoise crawled slowly through its path, eventually crossing the hare. 

The tortoise keeps crawling towards the finish line. 

Hare got up and realised that he had been sleeping for a long time. He looked around, but he did not see the tortoise, so he thought to himself, “Oh, even after I finished my sleep, the tortoise is not to be seen. He must be so far behind.” 

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So the hare started running again without even thinking that the tortoise must have already crossed him. However, when Hare came to the finish line, he saw that Tortoise was smiling there and waiting for his friend to come. 

As Hare reached the endpoint, he realised that he had wasted a lot of time and underestimated the persistence of the tortoise. 

The moral of the story is: Slow but steady wins the race, and fast, ignorant, and overconfident people will always lose the race.

Hare and the Tortoise

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