The Little Mermaid

Once upon a time, in the deep blue sea, king Arthur lived with his mom and six daughters. King loved all his daughters, but he has very attached to the younger one: the little mermaid, Eva.

Once there was a birthday of his fifth daughter. Everyone was gathered in the king’s court to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Then the king wished his daughter, “Happy birthday, my sweet child,” for which the daughter replied, “thank you so much, daddy. ” Everyone who was present in court started wishing “Happy birthday, princess. “

King announced, “I am delighted to announce that my fifth daughter has turned 18, and I am sending her to the surface to enjoy the sunlight and fresh breeze “. Just remember there are some rules of the sea world which you have to follow and we have to obey them.

The human world is not like the sea world. We belong to the sea and will remain to the sea. Be careful and don’t go near the humans.
After hearing this, his youngest daughter Eva asked him, “Can I go with marina?
“It’s not your turn, my child.” said the king. “But I want to see humans,” said Eva, then king Arthur said to Eva that when u-turn 18.

I promise that I will let you go there. After hearing this, the little mermaid Eva was very upset. She decided to spend some time alone, as she was very upset.


After seeing all this, Eva said, “oh my god, this is sooo awesome; what is this?” to which the shrimp replied, “That’s a ship and that man ?? He looks so good; he seems similar to my doll.”

Then suddenly the black cloud gathered in the sky after that sea waves started roaring due to high tide” oh it’s a storm “due to high tide ship started getting turbulence and suddenly they crash into big glacier and ship started sinking. The little mermaid yell, “oh no !! The prince !! We must save him” the little mermaid saved Prince and swim with the handsome Prince to the beach.

She started pumping and removed extra water and waiting for her to open her eyes and become conscious again. Eva has to rush because some group of a girl was arriving there.

Oh no, someone has died there. No, he is still alive!! Let’s take them to the hospital. At that time prince came into consciousness and he saw one of the girls. Then Prince was thankful, “thank you so much for saving my life”.
Prince didn’t realize that his life was by the little mermaid. The little mermaid was sad because she knew that she won’t meet him again as he was in love with a prince.

The little mermaid wants to be with Prince. Is love is terrible?? She asked his grandmother. The grandmother replied, “No, love is the most beautiful thing in the world” after hearing this, Eva was like I want to live with my world.

After hearing this, the grandmother said, no, this is against the sea law; you can’t leave with the humans. I don’t care; I want to live with my love.

After all this, his friend’s shrimp arrived and gave him an idea which is risky to help you. King will not leave me. You tell me what to do. Don’t worry about my father. I will look at it.

There is a person who can help you, but this is very dangerous. I will take any risk for my love to tell me. Who is that? The sea witch who leaves on a black mountain. It’s too risky to go there. Without thinking, the little mermaid and shrimp left the place. And went to the witch cave.

The Witch watch saw in the magical ball that a little princess is coming towards his cave .poor girl !!. Witch magical ball tell that little mermaid is very innocent most loved and help full creature of this sea .due to his good deed.

She will become an air fairy .in his another life, and these will be the end of all wrongdoing, .and you will lose your life .noooooo…… I will never let this happen.

Oh my god !! King, daughter in witch cave? I have to wish to become human. For that Prince? Then Eva replied, yes, I fell in love with the Prince .it will bring you unhappiness and regret. I don’t anything I want to live with him only.

Are you sure? Will you be able to win his heart ?.yesss … I will. Okay, I will turn into humans, but For this, you have to pay the price for it. I will pay whatever I can. Alright then, I want your voice in return as a price. And remember, if Prince fell in love with you. Then you will become a human, and your voice will be back.

But, if you fail to win his love. Then you will die with a broken heart, and you will turn into sea foam. I can do anything for my love prince okay take this magic spell. Drink it when you reached the seashore.

The little mermaid took the spell and reached the seashore as soon as she got the seashore and drank the spell. Suddenly intense pain made him unconscious, and her tail changes into legs.

When she wakes up, she saw the Prince beside her. Open your eyes, beautiful lady. You are safe now. But where did you come from? I found you on the beach and brought you here. Please rest for a while.

The next day little mermaid started walking. Prince saw her, and he looked very happy. Wow, I am so excited today. will you dance with me? They dance for a while. Wow! You dance so well; it’s a great day for me. I found the love of my life. After hearing this Eva was very happy.

Meanwhile, the prince’s father arrived. Prince welcome his father “welcome, father”, I want you to meet the love of my life. She saved my life.
Suddenly Prince introduces another girl to her father” father, and I love this girl, I want to marry her, “father replied, my dear son, in your happiness, is my happiness.

After hearing this, the little mermaid was so sad and heartbroken .king announced the Prince’s marriage.

Shrimp reached to place. Shrimp told everything to the sea king and his daughters. Oh god, pls save my little daughter. I already know this trick of the witch. King pray to the sea goddess and takes his trident, and swim to the seashore with shrimp.


At the same time, .all the sisters started swimming towards the witch cave .my sister is really in trouble now. We all request you to take back your magic spell yes pls we will never forget your kindness.

The witch started laughing” hahahahaha” how shameful !!! The princess of the great sea begging to witch !! Well, I have the anti-spell for that she needs to murder the princes. ‘Hahaha,’ the little mermaid needs to kill the Prince with this magical Sword. Only then she can come back to her mermaid life.

All sisters swim and reach to the seashore and told the father about the anti-spell .they found Eva sitting under the tree with his doll.

Don’t cry, my child, If you want to undo the witch magic. You have to do whatever I say .you have to kill the princess with this magical Sword, and then you will turn into a mermaid again, nooo daddy I know that you love him, my child, but he can never be yours.

Please do it for your father, Eva. Without it, I will die. My Baby.

After looking at his father and daughter crying, she took the magical Sword and moved towards the place.


The princes were sleeping In his room .she took the magical swords towards the Prince’s chest to kill. Oh no, I can’t do this to my love! I will happily die rather than kill my passion. He can marry his love and live happily.

She went back to her father and her sisters. All were shocked to see the Sword without blood. The sun was about to rise. Eva reached the beach and jumped into the sea with his doll. i want to disappear and turn into foam. Sadly Eva, goodbye to everyone .ask to forgive me. Goodbye.

Suddenly a mysterious force got her out of the water. The air fairies appeared and took her out of the sea.
Oh god, thank you so much you saved my daughter’s life. Where am I? Asked Eva to the air fairies .you are in the sky. We are the air fairies. we are here to give rewards for your kindness, love, and care towards humans and sea creatures. Now you are an immortal soul, and you will be born as a human in the future. Thank you so much, godmothers.

The little mermaid waved the last goodbye to everyone. Eva “I will always love you, my sweet Prince. In your next birth, you will be my love again “goodbye, my dear, goodbye.

She went up and up into the heaven with air faries.

  • The Moral of the Story is The lesson here is that if we were to give up during challenges, we would never reach our dreams. But if you try your best, you can succeed.

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