Cunning Fox Story | Moral Story

Cunning Fox Story

When Pinchi Rabbit saw a herd of elephants approaching her house from afar, she was terrified. His small children were sleeping in the house. Seeing them sleep, she ventured out in search of food.

She began to stare. The massive elephant Kakad had passed just near the small mound of soil under which his house had been built.

When she came running to the house after Kakad had left, she cried, seeing that the door of her home was closed. She got scared. How could she open that closed mouth so quickly? She started looking around. No one was seen except the Chamki Fox. But Chamki was very arrogant, cunning and never offered help in any situation.

She ran up to him. “Chamki Fox sister, your claws are sharp. Open the mouth of my house, or else my children will die.”

The Chamki jackal stroked the tail with its paws and said, “Pinchi, I have to go to the party; just now, I shampooed my hair.” My hands and feet will be in the mud. It will be too late to bathe again.” With that, she stepped inside.

Pinchi’s tears came out. Seeing her weeping, the sparrow came down from the tree and asked, “Pitchy sister, why are you crying?” When Pinchi told the sparrow his problem, the sparrow said, “Hey, I just saw Cinni here.” She will dig it in a minute. Saying this, she flew away quickly and brought Sinni.

Sinni quickly opened the door to Pinchi’s house. Seeing the children sleeping comfortably inside, she breathed a sigh of relief. He thanked Sinny and fed him fruit. 

Inside, she became angry with Chamki jackal. Chamki never helped anyone in that society. If someone asked for some help, she used to make excuses.

All the people in the neighborhood were ready to help each other in trouble. Chamki would sometimes leave his children with others, and sometimes ask someone to get her groceries.

Because of this habit, everyone decided that no one should help Chamki fox. When Chamki learned about this, she said sternly, “I’m completely OK with this; I don’t need anyone’s help.”

After a few days, Chamki’s parents came to meet her and bought a car for the kids. Chamki’s children would now be able to roam the palace in a vehicle. Afterward, all the kids of that society began running after Chamki’s children and following the car. Chamki’s strut increased further.

One day Chamki’s children took the motor car a bit further. While laughing at the children behind him, he did not pay any further attention, and the car slid down a slope. The fast-moving vehicle got stuck on a tree and inverted in a giant pothole.

Chamki’s children also got stuck on the tree, and the children behind them started laughing loudly and clapping; at first, no one paid attention to their screams, but when they grew louder, it was noticed by Pinchi and Himni and they came out.

Chamki fox was not in the house. They ran towards the noise. The children of Chamki were hanging on the tree; if any hand was left, they would have fallen into the valley below. The whole society gathered there. 

Once everyone thought it was okay, now the stigma of Chamki will be exposed. Let them die. But Kanchan the elephant said, “If we also do what Chamki does, then what will be the difference between us and her?”

All the people of the palace were ashamed to hear this and said, “Then what shall we do?” Kanchan, the elephant, said, “Why do you panic? I will bring them now.

When Kanchan put the children on top of the trunk, he grabbed the motor by the trunk and pulled it out. By then, Chamki had also come running. Seeing the children safe, she took a deep breath.

Tears welled up in his eyes, seeing the people gathered around him. “Forgive me for my behavior,” she said with a full throat, bursting into tears. The second day, the children of the palace began riding in Chamki’s car.

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