Snow White And Red Rose Short Moral Story

Snow White And Red Rose short moral story

Once upon a time in France, an older woman named Mary with her two daughters in a jungle. The elder daughter Snow-white was humble; on the other hand, the younger daughter, red rose, was notorious and mischievous in nature.

Every night while sleeping, an older woman narrates the story of fairy and brave ones.

Once in a night of winter, Red Rose and Snow White listening to a story when suddenly they heard a knock on the door. The two girls were scared, but the old mother, Mary, convinced them by saying that there may be a traveler who might have lost his way.

Rose went to open the door, and as soon as she opened the door, everyone was left shocked when they saw a bear standing right at the door.

After seeing the bear standing outside the door. Mom and daughter have started shouting. Suddenly bear has started speaking humanly, ‘ don’t get scared ‘ listen to me, “I am hungry and feeling cold.”


After hearing these, both daughter and mom get calm, as he was not like other bears; he was talking like a human being.

After all this incident, the old mom permitted the bear to stay with the family. Old mom gives fish and rice to eat and a warm blanket to bear for sound sleep.

A few days later, they developed a close friendship and understanding between them. Sometimes, bears help them collect wood for the fire and help them catch fish and honey for food. In this way, the entire season passed.

Now the sad day arrived and the bear to leave. When the time came for the bear to go, all family members get emotional.

After some days, both the sister was searching for fruit in the jungle. Suddenly, they heard someone was screaming. They followed the voice and reached the place where the noise was coming.

They show a dwarf man whose beard was stuck in the bush; they both decided to help the small man. But even after struggling a lot, they could not get the beard out of the bushes.

Red Rose got an idea she brings a scissor. After seeing the scissor dwarf started crying and yelling and asked them not to cut the beard, but it was so late Red Rose has already cut the beard, dwarf, despite being grateful, he left the place in anger.

The next day, Red Rose and Snow White roamed near the river; they heard someone screaming while walking. When they reached, they saw the same dwarf shouting this time. His beard was stuck in the fish’s mouth. After seeing his situation, they both started helping the dwarf.

Even after a lot of effort, they could not remove his beard from the fish mouth. Red Rose got an idea, and she cut the dwarf’s beard. After that, dwarf. Despite being thankful, he leaves the place in anger.

Even after a lot of effort, they could not remove his beard from the fish mouth. Red Rose got an idea, and she cut the dwarf’s beard. After that, dwarf. Despite being thankful, he leaves the place in anger.


Both the sisters had noticed that there is an unconscious boy under the tree. Snow White brought some water and splashed few drops on his face, and when he came in sense, then he says “I am a prince my name is Ben, and I am searching my brother mark with his bag of jewelry he was roaming in this jungle but we separate due heavy avalanche.”

I saw the dwarf with the same bag. Till then, I do something he does some magic on me I got unconscious. After that, snow white and red rose have decided that we help him.

Then suddenly they heard a noise coming from the bushes, and they decided to follow the noise. When they reached the destination, they saw that dwarf man and the Bear they helped in the winter season.

The prince said that he was the same small man who took my brother’s bag and knocked me unconscious. Prince stopped the girls and take the sword and ran away.

Meanwhile, the small man jumped from the tree and turned into a giant man from his magical power. He took his sword and threw it away, and run to kill the prince. Meanwhile, snow-white throw a sword towards the prince.

The Bear yelled, “cut his beard; it is the main source of his magic ” after hearing this prince aim the sword on his beard and cut it down as the beard cut, gaint man turn into small and ran away. In between bear turn into a human.


And that Bear was nobody else; he was Prince Mark. after that, prince mark told how small man magicked him and turned into Bear. Prince mark and prince ben both fell in love with snow white and red rose. After that, they got married and lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story (Snow White And Red Rose short moral story) :- we should never judge anyone by their appearance.

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