Lion and the Mouse Story with Moral

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Lion and the Mouse

Lion and the Mouse Story with Moral | Podcast

There was a very coward rat. he was so afraid of the fox, the wolf, and even himself for that matter that if the wind blew and a branch cracked, he looked around for a home he could hide from him.

Because of this, all the little animals made fun of him “you are so coward. “

One day rat was roaming in the forest. While walking, he saw a lion who was sleeping under a tree after having his lunch.

Mouse started to climb up the lion’s tail. Finally, he got up on the lion’s back with a very confident look on his face.

He began running up towards the sleeping lion. Finally, he ran up the tail and slide down the tail.

The lion woke up angrily with a roar. The mouse started running; the lion grabbed the mouse with his huge paw.

Mouse started struggling, but he could not escape. The lion opened his big jaws to swallow him, the mouse very scared.

Oh, king, please forgive me, I am very scared. Please don’t eat me.

Please Forgive me this time; please let me go.

I shall never forget it, and maybe one day I can help you.

The lion was so amazed by hearing the idea. “Oh, you will help. I am the king of the jungle. look at you are so small” and started laughing.

Then the lion decides to release the mouse; he lifted up his paw and lets him go.

Mouse” thank you, king. I will never forget your kindness.

A few days later, the lion was roaming in the jungle fearing no one.

Hunter has set up a trap to catch a lion. After setting a trap, the hunter hides behind the tree.


Waiting for the lion to approach the trap. As he did. The hunter pulled the ropes and caught him in the net.
The lion started roaring loudly and trying to escape, but the hunter fastened the net

Hunter moves towards the village to bring a cart to transport the lion.

The lion was still roaring loudly. The mouse heard the roar, “the king is in trouble. I must return the favor.

Mouse started running and reached the place where the lion was caught in the net.


Don’t worry. My king, I will set you free.

Mouse climbed up the trap and started cutting the trap with his sharp teeth.

Finally, he frees the lion from the trap.

The lion realized that even a little mouse could come as great help someday.

Thank mouse. I won’t trouble you anymore.

Live happily in my forest. You saved the king’s life; king lion announced mouse as a prince of the jungle.

Thank you, king. Bye. See you soon.

After a while, the hunter came back with a big cart to carry the lion.

The lion and the mouse saw them and started running towards the hunter.

The lion gives a big roar.

The hunter was terrified and ran away back to the village.

The lion and the mouse became friends forever.

The moral of the lion and the mouse story is A small act of kindness can go a long way.

Lion and the Mouse

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