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The Sheikh’s Son

Long ago, there lived a Sheikh and his wife. They had no children. So, the Sheikh married for a second time. With his second wife, he was blessed with a son. The Sheikh loved his son dearly. Some years passed and the boy became a handsome young man.

For all these years, the Sheikh’s first wife had been hating the second wife and her son. Now she even began to plot against them. One day, the Sheikh had to go on a journey. “I’ll be back before the Bakrid festival,” he told his son. I shall bring you nice gifts.” Then the Sheikh set out.

At home, his first wife was waiting for such an opportunity. Finding the second wife and her son alone, the first wife charmed them with her magic spell and made them goats. The festival of Bakrid was nearing in. When the Sheikh returned, home, he could find only his first wife. “Where is my beloved son?” he asked.

His first wife shed crocodile tears and said, “Your second wife suddenly died of a strange disease. And after her death, her son ran away to an unknown place. We have to accept sorrows, O Sheikh!” The Sheikh was filled with grief. But he consoled himself, thinking it to be god’s will

Bakrid festival was round the corner. “Get a goat for sacrifice,” the Sheikh asked his first wife. She instantly brought his second wife whom she had transformed into a goat. When the goat came near the Sheikh, it started brushing its head against the Sheikh’s legs.

“No, no. This goat seems to ask for mercy. And it also cuddles me like my other wife used to do. Bring me another goat,” the Sheikh said. The wicked first wife then brought the son who was now a goat. As soon as the goat saw the Sheikh, he ran towards him and licked his hand. Once again, the Sheikh felt pity for the goat.

“Oh, this goat too behaves like a human. I cannot kill it,” he said. Now the first wife got angry. “Fine then. If you have sympathy on all goats then I am afraid we won’t be able to sacrifice any of them,” she muttered. Just then the butcher’s wife happened to pass that way. She was well versed in the art of sorcery and magic.

As soon as her glance fell upon the two goats, she knew instantly that they are under some spell. “O Sheikh, these two goats are none other than your wife and beloved son,” cried the butcher’s wife. Then she quickly took out a small vessel from her robes. There was water in it. She took the water in her hands and sprinkled it on the two goats.

The next moment, they were transformed back to their real form. The Sheikh was over whelmed to see his wife and son alive. He embraced them. Then his son told him all about his foster mother and her wicked deeds. The butcher’s daughter cast a spell on the Sheikh’s first wife and turned her into a gazelle. She sped away from there, never to return again. Thus, the Sheikh got back his son and wife and lived in peace.

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