The Prince and the Ogress | Short Arabian Night Story

The Prince and the Ogress

A prince by the name of Zayn once ruled a kingdom that was located in the distant past. One day, he decided to go hunting, so he got up and went into the woods. After going deeper into the forest than everybody else, he was surprised to find a beautiful young woman there. He pondered, “How could such a beautiful girl be wandering about all by herself in this strange place?”

At that very instant, he became conscious that the young lady was coming closer to him. The crown prince believed that the princess appeared to require assistance. The lovely young woman was getting closer when she cried to the young man, “O young fellow, I have no idea how to get back to my house!” Would it be possible for me to rely on your assistance?

“Yes, young lady! The prince, Zayn, ordered the other horsemen, “Get on my horse,” and they complied. They both mounted their horses and rode out of the forest in the same direction. At the edge of the forest was a beautiful collection of flowers blooming in various colors. The flowers were in full bloom. The young woman begged the knight to take a break, and he obliged her request. You said, “I’d love to pluck a few of those gorgeous flowers,” and I completely agree.

As the prince yanked on the reins of his horse, he said, “All right, but make it fast.” The young lady gathered the flowers with joy as she crouched down and worked her way around the area. The prince waited for his mount to finish its meal before continuing to eat himself. During the day, he managed to catch a glimpse of the stunning scenery on a few occasions. A short time passed, but the young woman did not show up at any point during that time.

The day was winding down and about to end. The prince waited, and waited, and waited some more before doing anything else. Time moved on for a total of one hour. He was concerned about it at this point. As he was leaving, he remarked, “I hope she didn’t get into any trouble.” He then continued on his way. Consequently, he dismounted his horse and moved in the direction of the flowers, following the path that the maid woman had taken.

On the other hand, there was no trace of the young woman wherever she could be found.”

It comes as a complete and utter shock. His mind raced with the question, “Where did she go?” as it raced through his head. When the prince arrived at the large rock encircled by the towering trees, he cautiously proceeded forward. He could make out the voices of a few people chatting with one another.

The prince made his way towards the rock, inching closer and closer to it. His internal monologue went like this: “Oh, it must be the entrance to a cave.” He watched what was going on while he was concealed behind a tree. An ogress was overheard chatting with a few kids when the scene was interrupted. “Today, I have the honor of bringing a young prince to participate in your feast. I hope you will welcome him with open arms. There, he is eagerly anticipating my arrival to visit him. “I will simply go and grab him,” was her response to my question.

“Goshhhh! When the prince discovered that the attractive lady was actually a horrible ogress, he was taken away by the revelation. He felt terrified. On the other side, he concluded that the ogress ought to be eliminated. As a result, he quickly returned to his horse, mounted it, and waited there as if he had no idea what was happening.

When the ogress did show up, she was a beautiful young woman, having undergone a transformation before her arrival. As she mounted the horse, she yelled, “Come on, let’s get moving!” to her companions. On the other hand, the prince was well-prepared and had his sword at the ready at all times. After cutting off her head, he threw the severed body to the ground. This was how the wicked ogress met her untimely end. Following that, the prince proceeded forth with his journey.

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