Face to Face with Demon | Arabian Nights

Face to Face with Demon

There once lived a poor trader. One evening, he was returning from the market. It had been a hectic day and the trader was feeling tired. As he crossed by a shady tree, he thought to rest for a while. So, he sat down under the tree. He had a small packet of dates with him. Leaning against the tree, the trader opened the packet and started eating the dates. After eating the flesh of the dates, he collected the seeds in his hand and threw them behind the tree.

All of a sudden, the land started shaking and the tree began swaying. There was a loud frightening noise. The trader sprang up with a jerk and looked around. Right there behind him was the most hideous looking demon. As he jeered his sharp teeth out, the trader’s nerves froze with fear. “Hey, you foolish human! Why did you throw stones at me while I was sleeping? You will have to die for this,” the demon roared. The trader’s throat choked. Somehow, he uttered a few words, “O mighty demon, I didn’t throw stones. They were only date seeds. And I didn’t intend to harm you. I am terribly sorry.” Also Read Moral Stories.

Don’t try to lure me with your sweet words, you wretch! Get ready to die,” yelled the demon. The trader said humbly, “Well, if you so wish you can kill me. But I have heard that demons always keep their word. Will you please grant me my last wish?” What is that?” asked the demon. “Let me go home once. I have to settle my debts and bid farewell to my family. I promise to be back here tomorrow,” pleaded the trader. Also read Panchatantra Stories.

“He appears to be an honest man,” thought the demon and let him go. But he warned him, “If you do not turn up tomorrow then I would be compelled to destroy your whole family.” The trader agreed and ran towards his home. At home, he paid off all his debts. Then he tearfully bade fare well to his wife and child. “I am bound by promise,” he consoled them and started back to the demon.

Now, the demon was actually testing the trader’s honesty. When he saw the trader return to him, he said, “I am happy that you have kept your word.

I will give you a chance. I will stop the first three passers-by and ask them about you. If they happen to know and that you say you are a good man, I will spare your life.” And so, they waited on the way.

The first to pass by was an old man. The demon stopped him and asked, “Do you know this man?” The old man said, “Yes, I do. He is the kind trader who helped me when I was robbed of all my possessions by bandits.” Next came a rich young man. “Do you know this man?” the demon asked him. “Hmm, once he had helped me start my business. And today I am prosperous,” said the young man. Also read bedtime stories.

The third passer-by was a judge. When the demon asked him the same question, he replied, “Some years back, a man accused of cheating this trader was brought to my court. But instead of getting him punished; this trader forgave him.” The demon now turned to the trader and said, “Indeed, you are a good man. Here, I set you free. Get back to your family and trade and enjoy life.” And the demon retreated from there. The trader heaved a sigh of relief and went back home joyfully. His ceaseless good deeds and kindness saved his life.

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