Abad and the Wazir’s Daughter | The Jealous Sister | Arabian Nights Story

Abad and the Wazir’s Daughter

A trader named Abad once lived. He used to take his goods to faraway places to sell them. He went to Damascus once. The wazir of Damascus had two daughters called Heena and Rabia.

One day, Abad happened to see Heena. She was very pretty and interesting. Abad fell in love with her right away. The young maiden liked Abad, too, and they started meeting every day without anyone knowing.

This happened for a while. Rabia, Heena’s little sister, would often ask, “Where does Heena go every night?” One day, she followed her and found out that she had been meeting with Abad behind her back.

“Huh, so that’s the problem!” Rabia muttered. Heena and Abad were having a romantic conversation, and they didn’t know that Rabia was watching them. Rabia was angry at Heena. She suddenly showed up in front of them and said, “This is what you are doing,” in a threatening way. I’ll tell my dad about this.”

“No, don’t do that. Please don’t. My father will never like the trader I love. He is going to kill Abad. “Please help us, Rabial,” Heena begged. “All right, if you so request,” said Rabia, But she had made a bad plan in her head!

The next night, Rabia went to where Heena and Abad were going to meet before Heena got there. Abad was waiting alone there for Heena. Rabia walked up to Abad with grace and said in a soft voice, “I get it, Abad. You love my sister. From now on, I’m going to help you both.

Abad couldn’t figure out that Rabia was only pretending to be nice to him because she was smart. He started giving away his words. She sat next to him. She slipped an expensive necklace into Abad’s pocket when she had a chance. It didn’t get Abad’s attention.

After a while, Rabia went to her father to tell him that her most valuable necklace had been stolen. Please take action” The wazir told his people to look in every part of the kingdom.

On the other hand, when Abad opened his pocket, he was surprised to find a necklace. He didn’t know about the theft. He hadn’t had enough money for a while. So, he decided to sell the necklace at the market.

But when he took the necklace to the jeweller, he got into a tough spot. The jeweller yelled, “This necklace belongs to Rabia, the daughter of the wazir.” He told the guards right away, and they took Abad to the wazir.

All of this made Abad sad. “I know nothing at all about this necklace. Abad said, “I found it in my pocket.” When Heena heard this, she knew what was going on. She sat down with her father and told him everything about how she felt about Abad. She also told him that Rabia was jealous and had threatened them because of it.

Once the wazir knew everything, he called his daughter. He told her, “Tell the truth, Rabia.” Rabia was afraid of her father because he cared so much about truth and fairness. She said she had made plans to hurt Heena and Abad. The wazir went crazy with anger. “Get out of here, you bad-tempered girl. “Don’t ever show your face to me again!” he yelled at Rabia.

The wazir then told Abad he was sorry. He also said this about his older daughter Heena: “My child, I like how honest and brave you are.” Abad asked Heena’s hand in marriage in a polite way. And the wazir agreed with all his heart. Abad and Heena were soon married. They were happy for a long time.

Moral: Abad and the Wazir's Daughter Arabian Night Story teaches us that bad deeds always have bad consequences.

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