Wicked Witch Wife | Arabian Nights

Wicked Witch Wife

Once, a wealthy merchant had to travel to far-off lands to sell his goods. While he was away, his wife stayed back home. So, the merchant would bring her expensive gifts in return. He did not know that his wife was actually an evil witch.

Once, it so happened that the merchant did not return for five months. His wife got angry. She even thought the merchant had died, so she married another man. When the merchant returned, he felt sad to know all this. The wicked sorceress cast a spell on him and turned him into a dog!

The merchant, now a stray dog, would wander here and there for the food. One day, a butcher gave him some pieces of meat, and the dog ate only the flesh and left out the bones. When the butcher noticed this, he was pretty amazed. “A dog is fond of bones. Then why doesn’t this dog even touch the bone?” he wondered. Also read Bedtime Stories.

The butcher had a daughter who was a magician. He called his daughter and told her all that he had seen. His daughter took a closer look at the dog. Using her magical powers, she came to know all about the merchant and how he had become a dog. “Father, he is no ordinary dog. He is a merchant under the evil spell of a wicked witch,” said the daughter.

“I feel sorry for him, daughter. Can’t we do something for him?” asked the butcher. “Yes, we can!” replied his daughter. Then she took some water in her hand and chanted some magic verses. As soon as she sprinkled the water on the dog, the merchant returned to his natural form. “Ah, I am back to normal again,” said the merchant. He was overjoyed.

But he also wanted to teach a lesson to his wicked wife. So, he asked the butcher’s daughter to do something. The butcher’s daughter took some water in a jug and chanted some verses. “Now, this water has the power to change a person into a mule for five years,” she said. Then she handed over the jug to the merchant. Also Read moral Story.

The merchant went to his house. His sorceress wife was in the garden at that time. “Now is the correct time,” he thought and sprinkled the magical water on his wife. The next moment, she was reduced to a mule. The merchant uttered, “Be thus for the next five years.” The witch could do nothing. She was rightly punished for being cruel and unfaithful.

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