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Three Friends story

Three Friends story | Podcast

Once upon a time, there lived a woodpecker and a bee on top of a tree in a forest. Under the same tree, there was a pond where a frog lived. All three were very loyal friends and used to sit and talk for hours every day.

A very proud elephant also lived in the same forest; he was proud of his strength and always enjoyed troubling the smaller animals.

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One day, when that proud elephant was passing by that tree, the three friends were sitting under it and did not pay attention to the elephant. This act enraged the elephant, who approached him and yelled angrily, “You people have such courage not to greet me even after seeing me; don’t you know that I am the most powerful animal in this forest?” You people will have to face punishment for this mistake.

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After hearing elephants, the three friends became frightened. All three friends apologize to the elephant for their mistake and say they were talking among themselves and did not see you. But the elephant’s anger does not subside.

The elephant begins hitting the tree on which the woodpecker and the fly are sitting in anger. After two or three collisions, the tree falls, but its anger does not subside, and the pond under the tree fills with water and throws it out. The elephant walks on, stomping its feet in anger after doing all that.

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After the elephant has left, the three friends start crying; then the woodpecker remarks that we should take revenge on the elephant for its arrogance, to which the fly says that we are so small that we cannot harm the elephant. That’s why the frog says no, it is not such a thing; if we all make a collective effort, we can teach the elephant a lesson.

The three friends work together to teach the elephant a lesson.

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The elephant was resting under a tree a short distance away when a fly began buzzing near its ear. The elephant is lulled to sleep by the sweet humming, and then the woodpecker attacks the elephant’s left eye with its strong beak. The elephant wakes up from sleep and cries out in pain, but before he can understand anything, the woodpecker also attacks the right eye of the elephant. As a result of the woodpecker’s attack, both elephant eyes burst, and it started screaming in pain and running everywhere.

Due to running back and forth for a long time, the elephant gets tired and distraught with thirst.

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Then the frog sits near a giant dry pit and starts croaking. The elephant also heard the sound of the frog, and then he thought there was a pond nearby. He ran fast in that direction and fell into a dry pit. The elephant died as a result of falling into it. With the news of the elephant’s death, a wave of happiness ran through the forest.

Because these three friends worked together, they easily beat an enemy who was many times stronger than them. 

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