How to draw Among Us in simple steps for beginners

Among Us is a social deduction game for online multiplayer that has taken on a life of its own. It was rumoured to be unpopular at first, but it now appears that youngsters of all ages are finding it to be the perfect blend of humour and talent.

At first, I thought the bodies were so basic that it would be difficult to make them into something worthwhile. However, after viewing all of the coloured possibilities, I realised that a very basic colour shading lesson might be used. Their two-tone style adds a lot to their personality, and it’s not difficult to achieve.

Things required to draw a Among us.

1- A white sheet of paper.
2- Marker.
3- Color.

Let’s learn how to draw among us. Let’s get started!!!

1- Make a half curve line.
2- Complete the curve line.
3- Now we will start making the leg of among us.
4- Complete the leg.


5- Make a rectangle as shown in the image.
6- Make an oval shape as shown in the image.
7- Now we will color the image.


Hey kids did you like this how to draw Among Us in simple steps for beginners drawing? Practice it and you will see your drawing is improving in every attempt, also share your view in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this art with your friends on Social Media so they can also enjoy it.
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