Lost soul ghost story for kids

I still remember a strange incident that happened when I was still in elementary school. At that time, my family and I were still living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

One night, my mother, who only had to wait another day to give birth, was accompanied by my siblings at home. We didn’t even notice that there was “something” outside our house. We were aware that in primary school, at 7 pm, we siblings would sit in front of the TV watching Sinchain, our favourite show as children.

Until the next day, a neighbour came to visit our house. He also asked our mama, More or less like this, he said.
Didn’t you hear anything yesterday? Don’t you feel anything? “

At that time, we were in the living room near the neighbor, and our mother was chatting, so we siblings listened, wanting to hear our neighbor’s story.

“Nothing we felt yesterday…” our mama replied.

Nandu, our neighbor, was silent for a moment, and then resumed his story.

If you don’t believe me, ask my wife. He also saw footballs on your roof yesterday. For a while, by your toilet mirror, for a while in the backyard of the house. If you don’t believe me, ask my wife. 
At that moment, my father, who had just entered the living room, interrupted.

“Is that right?”

Yes, it’s been two days since we noticed the football, but we only noticed it yesterday. At first, we heard weird noises — yoke, yoke, yoke. That’s how it sounds, at least. Our father was informed by our neighbor.

That night too, we prepared everything we needed based on the tips given by our neighbours this afternoon, from lemon peel, to garlic, to garlic peel. All that stuff we put in every window and door space of our house is to prevent the creature from getting into the house.

At about 7 pm, we heard the sound of “shisss, shisss, shisss” as told by our neighbour this afternoon. The sound was sometimes loud, sometimes slow, for a moment it sounded like a sound behind, for a moment like a sound above, but the scariest thing is when the sound comes from under the house. We would jump around, supposedly to drive the balls away, but it was completely ineffective.

This incident lasted every night, and every night we would gather in the living room of the house to stay awake. This disorder lasted until our mother was safe to give birth. Since then, we no longer hear any odd sounds.

The incident really scared us so much that we were traumatized about getting out of the house at night.

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