Naughty Monkey and the carpenter short moral story

In these story naughty monkey and the carpenter we will read how the monkey got trapped him self due to his own curiosity.

Once upon a time, there was a very peaceful village named Dholakpur; it was situated at the foot of the mountain and is locked on the other side by a sea.

In that village, mainly skilled carpenters work very hard to complete the orders for the royal chambers. The king would always be delighted with their work and reward them very well.


As the village was situated at the foot of the village, so the frequency of social animal and birds was high. All the villagers were used to it, and they were very friendly towards them, and they offer fruits and nuts to the social animal.

One day a group of monkeys arrived in a group of all the monkeys; there was one who was very curious and enjoyed wondering for a new adventure.

The troop chief would often warn him, “you are too curious, and I am afraid that you would put yourself in danger “, but the monkey would always reply,” I am more intelligent than all of you. I love to know about new things, and that is a good thing.”


One day, the curious monkey sat on the branch and watched a carpenter splitting a piece of wood with two wedges. He first drove the smaller wedge into the crack to keep it open.

When the crack became bigger, he put a bigger wedge by hammering it in; after that, he pulled out the small wedge he had put in.

The monkey thought to himself, “how interesting is that! I wish I could do it too.” But how could he enter there when the carpenter was around. So he sat on the branch patiently waiting for the carpenters to leave.

Soon it was lunchtime, and carpenters decide to go to their homes for their afternoon meal. The monkey was thrilled, and then he jumped to the carpenter’s seat.

Unfortunately for him, his tail slipped into the crack without his knowledge, and he put in the first wedge just the way the carpenters had done. But he has forgotten the other steps, and he pulled out the first wedge before hammering the second wedge.

The two sides of the board instantly closed together and caught the monkey tail. The monkey was now trapped and in pain.


Soon he could see carpenters walking towards him. But there was nothing he could do for saving himself! The carpenter saw the trapped monkey, and he realized what he has done. They started beating a monkey after beating the carpenters realize the monkey from that trap and allowed him to go.

Moral of the story is never interfere with others people business.

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