How to draw fish in simple and east step by step guide

The fish is a scaly-skinned animal with gills for breathing. Drawing a fish is a great way to show off your artistic abilities, with its distinct characteristics and bright scales.
What are the chances? Learning how to draw a fish could lead to more complex drawings in the future, such as a stunning undersea landscape with a swarm of fish!
We’ve put together a step-by-step lesson on how to draw a fish, which is broken down into nine basic phases.
Each stage includes detailed drawings that can be used as a visual aid while following the instructions.
We’re confident that whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist, you’ll be able to follow these steps with ease.
The nicest aspect of this guide is that you can tweak and add your own flair to each stage.
Feel free to utilise your artistic abilities to customise the colours as well! So, grab a piece of paper and your favourite drawing instrument, and get started drawing!
Have a good time and let your inner artist out!
Things required to draw a fish,
1-A white sheet of paper.
Let’s learn how to draw a fish.
Step 1: Make a half-curve line.
Step 2: Complete the curve line.
Step 3: Now we will make a tail.
Step 4: Complete the tail.


Step 5: We’ll now make the fin.
Step 6: Create a new fin.
Step 7: Now we will make eyes.
Step 8: Make some details. in the eyes.


Step 9 – Now we will make the mouth of the fish.
Step 10 – make some circle on the fish and near the mouth
Step 11 – Color the image.


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