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Magical notebook

Erica’s Magical notebook | Podcast

Erica was a young girl who lived in a village. She was the only daughter of Neil and Jessy.

Erica’s father was a poor farmer, and her mother was a housewife. They loved their daughter Erica, and all three are happy with each other. Erica was a kind-hearted girl, and she used to help others.

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Once her parents decided to send her to a school in the town area for further education, Erica was also pleased and very excited to go to school.

When she reached the school hostel on the very first day, she noticed that all the teachers were very gentle. However, no student in the class became friendly with her.

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On that day, while returning from school, she was slightly sad.

Nobody played with her during the lunch break on the second day, and everyone began laughing at her because her father was a poor farmer. Every child in her class comes from a wealthy family except Erica.

They used to laugh at her, but she was always well-behaved and gentle with them.

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During the lunch break, all the children played with each other, but she was alone in the crowd. She started crying because she had no one to play with.

Suddenly she heard a voice behind her; there was a magical notebook that could talk. Erica became surprised.

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The notebook said, “Hay, Erica, why are you crying?” You are a very kind and generous girl. If you want, I can be your friend. “I have 100 pages, and if you fill all those pages with your good work daily, then I promise everyone will be your friend in the class.”

Erica took that notebook with her; she was thrilled that day. She used to talk with her “magical notebook.” She began making a daily note of her excellent work in that notebook. While coming home from school, she usually helps a blind man cross the road. She helps her classmates if they are sick. She was always generous with everyone.

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As the day progressed, all the notebook pages were filled. Because of her kind-hearted and generous behaviour, she became a favourite of everyone in the school.

Now everyone wanted to become her friend. Her kind nature and kindness made everyone happy.

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The “magical notebook” was now complete. Erica promised herself that she would continue to help others and be kind and generous towards everyone throughout her life, no matter how people treated her.

Moral of the story is: we should be helpful and kind towards everyone. Our generous nature will win everyone’s hearts.

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