Monkey and Cat Short moral Story with Pictures

Once upon a time, two cats used to live in a village named “Kitty” and “Pity.”
Whatever they could find to eat, they would share it with one another and eat it in peace.
One afternoon, both the cats, Kitty and Pity, were feeling hungry, but they had nothing to eat.
Pity I am feeling hungry due to hunger. I am feeling weak. Actually, I am feeling hungry as well.
Let’s go find some food for both the cats. They started looking for food in the village.
Later, they found a house in the village whose gate was open and there was no one in the house.
The cats turned their heads here and there but found no one around.
Both the cats quietly entered the house.
They saw a chapati on a plate.
Yes, pity. There is only one chapati on a plate, but it looks quite big. From this, both of us can fill up our stomachs.
Let’s take it quickly and run from here.
They ran and reached the woods outside the village.
Kitty, I am feeling very hungry right now. Quickly divide the chapati. Yes, let me divide this.
Pity divided the chapati into two portions, but one portion got bigger and the other one got smaller
You gave me the smaller portion and took the larger portion, which is incorrect.
Whenever we eat, we divide it into equal portions and eat it slowly.
They both started fighting.
But the monkey was watching from the tree.
The monkey got an idea by seeing cats fighting each other. He immediately jumped from the tree and got down.
He said to the cat, “Hey, my dear cat, why are you fighting among yourselves?”
Hey, Monkey, we’re very good friends, and whenever we eat, we always share the best food, but this time, Pity gives me a smaller portion.
This is absolutely wrong. You should not have done this thing, but no problem. If you two are OK, then I can help you in this situation.
But how can you help us?
I have a weighing scale on both sides, so we can take the
proper decision.
The cat and the kitten both agree on the cat.
The monkey took the weight scale and weighed both portions.
While weighing the chapati, one side went up. The monkey said, “This portion is very heavy. Okay, let me equalize.” He ate from the bigger portion.
Now the other side became heavy, and the monkey took the bite from the other side. 
This way, the monkeys eat all the chapati and climb up the tree. 
The moral of the story is that when two people fight, the third one always gets the profit.

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