Birds And The Bees Story


Overview: In the story of the birds and the bees, we will learn that we should always listen to and obey the elders; otherwise, our condition will become like the curious bird in this story. To know what happened to that bird, read the story of the birds and the bees.

Birds And The Bees Story

A long time ago, the two trees looked very much alike. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In one tree, they lived in a family of birds. They kept themselves safe in their tree, and never did they venture too far from their home.

One day, one of the little birds got curious and wondered if another happy family of birds lived in the other tree.

“Little one,” the elder bird exclaimed, “nothing but pain and suffering waits at that tree. You are never to venture towards it.”

Despite the elderly bird’s warning, curiosity filled the young bird’s mind, and the temptation to explore the tree was too much to resist.

One day, the little bird left the tree and flew over to the other. This tree was not like this, with a head buzzing of bees around it.

One of the bees approached the young bird and beckoned him closer.

“Our elder told me you are dangerous, yet you are a beautiful creature,” said the young bird. “Are you dangerous?” he asked.

“Not at all,” replied the bee. Your elders didn’t want you to know how good our honey tastes. If you knew you would leave your tree for hours and never go back.

“I would like to taste your honey,” said the young bird. “You are so beautiful; I would like to stay with you in your tree.”

The bee motions for the young bird to follow. Come into our home, and I will give you all of the honey you desire.” 

The young bird quickly followed the bee into the hive to have his first taste of honey.

The excitement of something both delicious and forbidden was nearly too much to take.

Suddenly, the young bird feels a sharp pain as the bees begin to sting and eat him.

“Why are you doing this?” cried the young bird.

“It’s in our nature,” replied the bee.

Death came to the young bird that fateful day, but had he listened to the elder and not let curiosity fill his mind, he would have lived a long and happy life.

That is the sad end of the real story of the birds and the bees.

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