The Honest Farmer and Magical Pot | Moral Story

Honest Farmer and Magical Pot

Honest Farmer and Magical Pot | Podcast

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer named Gopal. He used to go to his farm every day to do his farming activities.

One day, Gopal was digging the farm to prepare it for sowing the seeds for the coming monsoon.

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Suddenly, he discovered a large pot in the farm, so he took it and considered what it could be useful for, so he set it aside and resumed his normal activities.

During lunchtime, he kept his spade in that pot while he was eating, and when the farmer finished his lunch, he saw that his shovel had multiplied into 100 shovels in that pot, which surprised him.

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He thought, “I brought only one shovel, how come the one shovel became hundreds of shovels? I don’t understand.” Then he thought this must have something to do with the pot, so he took away those one hundred shovels and picked up a stone from nearby and put that stone in that pot, and then when he looked inside the pot, there were hundreds of stones lying there.

That is when he realised that the pot was magical, so he brought it back home and kept it in a secret locker.

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Gopal only uses the pot to meet his needs, so whenever he needed a cloth, he would put a piece of cloth in the pot and get enough cloth to make his clothes, and whenever he was hungry, he would put a fruit in the pot and get hundreds of fruits back from the pot, gradually becoming wealthy.

Gopal was an honest person and never used the magic of the pot to satisfy his greed.

His neighbour Ramesh noticed that Gopal was getting richer every day, so he tried to find out the secret of his wealth. So one day, greedy Ramesh stood outside his window peeping into Gopal’s house to find out what he was doing. That time, Gopal kept a little spoon of milk inside the pot, and he took out a litter of milk from the pot.

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“Hmm, now I understand,” Ramesh said, realising that the magical pot was granting him all of the riches, so the evil Ramesh decided to steal the pot from Gopal.

That night, he stole the pot from Gopal’s house and returned it to his own home. 

He was very eager to find out the magic of the pot. Before that, he wanted to see if there was anything inside the pot, so he put his hand in it, but when he took it out, he discovered that he now had a hundred hands on his body. He was terrified because he didn’t know how to bring those hundred things back to one.

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When Ramesh came out of the house the next day, the nearby people became terrified and thought he was some kind of demon with a hundred hands on one side and one hand on the other, so the other villagers began stoning him and driving him away, and Gopal realised that the neighbour must have stolen his pot and put his hands into it.

Moral of the story is: never be envious of others and never steal from them. 

Honest Farmer and Magical Pot

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