Lazarus Sickness | Bible Story

Lazarus Sickness

In Bethany lived two sisters, Martha and Mary, with their brother, Lazarus. Once, the sisters sent a message to Jesus that Lazarus was very sick. After a few days, Jesus was able to reach Bethany. By then, Lazarus was dead.

Martha ran out to meet Jesus and tell him the news. Mary wept, too, and the sisters said that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus had been there. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection.” Believe in me, and he will come to life again! This is for the glory of God!

Jesus traveled with them to where a stone had been laid over Lazarus and removed it. Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and called upon God, “Father, I thank you for having heard me!” You always hear me, but now you wish the people around me believed that you sent me!

He turned to Lazarus, who lay wrapped in a shroud, and said, “Come forth, Lazarus!”

And Lazarus arose from the grave and came out alive! And many people believed in the miracle that Jesus had performed. And some ran to tell the Pharisees what they had seen. The Pharisees feared that if everyone knew of this strange man, his miracles, and his power over the people, the Romans would come to inquire. They might take away the position and nation of the Pharisees.

And among them was the head priest, Caiaphas, who said it was better for Jesus to die. And so began the conspiracy to put Jesus to death.

Jesus returned later to the house on his way to Jerusalem. Martha rushed around cooking and making things comfortable for Jesus. Mary sat near him and listened. Martha, listen to me like Mary while I am here! “The work can wait,” said Jesus.

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