Mary Is Blessed | Bible Story

Mary Is Blessed

Mary was a young cousin of Elizabeth who lived in Nazareth in Galilee. She was betrothed to Joseph, a descendant of the family of David and Abraham.

One day, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to give her his message. She found the resplendent angel in her humble hut, addressing her.

“Hail, Mary!” said the angel. “You are highly favored, for the Lord is with you! You are the most blessed of women!

Mary looked at the angel, troubled and anxious because she did not know how to address an angel or what one is supposed to say to an angel.

“Do not be afraid!” Gabriel reassured her. “God is pleased with you.” You will have a son who will be great. Name him Jesus. He shall be the Son of God, and God will grant him the throne of David to rule over all His people! His kingdom will have no end. “But I am not married!” protested Mary. “How is this possible?”

“Look at your cousin Elizabeth, who had no children, and people mocked her because she was barren.” But she will have a child, though she is so old. “Nothing is impossible for God!” said Gabriel. The grace of God will fall on you in the form of the Holy Spirit. The angel explained: “Therefore, the child born to you shall be known as the Son of God!”

Mary bowed to the angel and said, “I am God’s servant.” I will do whatever God has asked of me.

And when she looked up, the angel Gabriel had vanished. Mary indeed felt blessed by God’s grace.

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