Judas betrays Jesus | Bible Story

Judas betrays Jesus

In the garden, a large group of people carried lanterns and soldiers with swords and lances. Judas Iscariot was in charge of the scribes and elders who were there. Nobody knew which of the four men was Jesus. He told them in a whisper, “I’ll walk up to one of the men and kiss him because he is Jesus.” Put him quickly in jail!

And Judas, who was a traitor, came up and said, “Master, Master,” and then kissed Jesus. “A kiss? I didn’t imagine that would betray me!” Jesus said in a sad voice.” People ran toward him, and soldiers grabbed him.

Jesus questioned the crowd, “Why do you come to arrest me with swords and lances like I’m a thief?” “I was always there with you in the temple.” Why then didn’t you take me?

Peter was so mad that he took one of the soldiers’ swords, which had belonged to Malchus, and cut off Malchus’ ear with it. But Jesus told him to stop and said, “Whoever lives by the sword will also die by the sword.” This is what God wants for me, and this is what will happen. He touched the soldier’s ear, fixed it, and then talked to the elders. Who do you want to take?” he questioned.

They said, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

“I am he.” The others can leave; even though this was a terrible situation, Jesus was still kind. He was taken away by men. The disciples ran away because they were afraid of being caught and taken away. The things Jesus said at the Last Supper came true. One turned on Jesus, and the others followed their separate ways.

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