Jesus Compassionate God | Bible Story

Jesus Compassionate God

People were fascinated by the simplicity of Jesus’ teachings. He spoke of Heaven and God as if they were accessible to all.

“You will find it if you seek it,” he said. “Ask for what you want, and you will get it! If you knock on God’s door, he will let you in.

God is not a distant and frightening being who only punishes us. He is like a father who gives a child food when he is hungry and shelters him from the wind and rain.

“But don’t swear in God’s name or in the names of Heaven, Earth, or any of God’s creations,” said Jesus. “That shows disrespect for Him.”

He told them the story of a man who tossed seeds on his land. Some fell on the ground and were eaten by birds; some landed on hard ground and didn’t sprout; some were choked by weeds and thorns. But some fell on fertile soil, took root, and became rich crops.

“God’s words are told to all of us.” Some of us hear the words but don’t follow them. Some people are hard-hearted and do not understand others while some are evil and allow their positive thoughts to be choked by their faulty habits and beliefs. A few good people try to understand and follow God’s words.

People crowded into homes to hear him and to be healed. A man with palsy was brought to him, but it was so crowded that they had to lower him on a bed through the roof.

“I forgive your sins!” announced Jesus. “Now take up your bed and walk!” And the man, who could hardly move, got up and carried his bed away.

People looked on in awe, but the Pharisees, who followed God’s commandments strictly, and the scribes were angry and jealous.

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