Jesus Defeats Satan | Bible Story

Jesus Defeats Satan

Soon after this, John was arrested by the soldiers of the King, Herod’s son, and was thrown into prison. He knew his work was done as the Son of God had arrived to carry out God’s work.

Jesus left John after he was baptized and went into the wilderness to pray to God and learn about his mission. He fasted for forty days without eating or drinking. He was exhausted and weak by the end of the period.

That was the best time for Satan, the enemy of God, to tempt Jesus and draw him away from God. He went up and taunted him, saying, “If your God is so powerful, why doesn’t he turn the stones into loaves of bread?” “God has told us in the scriptures that man doesn’t live by bread alone!” replied Jesus. “Man needs the words of God to live.”

Satan took Jesus to the top of a mountain and showed him all the land. “All this shall serve to worship me!” he said enticingly. Yours, if you say, “Only the true God, and no one else, must be worshipped,” said Jesus. “That is the First Commandment!”

Satan wouldn’t give up. He took Jesus and stood on the high wall of the Temple in Jerusalem. “Throw yourself off this wall. “Doesn’t your scripture say that God will send his angels to save you?” he said, mocking him. “The scriptures also say God is not to be tested,” replied Jesus.

For neither greed nor threats, not even mockery, caused Jesus’ faith in God to be shaken.

God was so pleased with his son that he sent angels to feed him and quench his thirst.

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