Jesus And Pilate | Bible Story

Jesus And Pilate

Jesus stood in the hall of judgement in front of the governor. Since it was the week of Passover, the elderly and other people stayed outside. Pilate asked them, “What are you accusing this man of?” They said he was terrible, so they took him to Pilate so he could judge him. Pilate asked them why they didn’t judge him by their own rules. They told him it was against their rules for Jews to kill anyone.

They said that Jesus stirred up the people against Caesar and kept them from paying tribute to him because he was Christ, a King. Pilate walked into the room where the judges were and sat down.

He questioned Jesus, “Are you the Jewish king?” Jesus questioned, “Are you saying this on your own, or has someone else told you this?”

Pilate declared, “I am not Jewish.” “Your people and their leaders have brought you before me. What do you mean?” Jesus declared, “My kingdom does not come from this world.” “You say I am a king. I was brought into the world to speak the truth.”

Pilate stepped outside and told the priests, “I can’t find anything wrong with this man.” But they wouldn’t give up. They said he was trying to get everyone from Galilee to Jerusalem to rebel against their rulers.

He found out that the man was from Galilee. Herod had direct control of that area. He also found out that Herod was in Jerusalem at the time. Pilate was glad he didn’t have to choose, so he sent Jesus to Herod.

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