Herod And Pilate Judgement | Bible Story

Herod And Pilate Judgement

Herod was delighted to see Jesus. He had heard so much about this man and his miraculous powers. He had wanted to see him do a miracle in front of him, and he still hoped to witness something.

He questioned Jesus repeatedly, but Jesus stood silent and did not say a word in reply to Herod. This made him feel frustrated and angry.

The scribes and elders continued to accuse Jesus before Herod. So he finally mocked him by putting a gorgeous robe on him and sending him back to Pilate. Herod and Pilate had been enemies for some time, but this incident made them come together as friends.

Pilate, however, still found no fault. “I sent him to Herod,” he said, “And he said he found no evidence that this man had done anything to deserve death.” Let us punish him and then allow him to go. There is a custom at Passover to release a prisoner. Let us release him.”

But the elders cried out against that and said that Barabbas, a thief, rebel and murderer, should be released instead. Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent and that the elders were jealous of his influence over people. He did not wish to crucify him. But Jesus told him, “The people who have handed me over to you are greater sinners than you.”

After that incident, Pilate tried again to persuade the people to release him, but he failed. He gave in to the pressure of the crowd.

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