The Lazy Donkey Short Moral Story For Kids

Once upon a time, there was a trader who lived in a small village.

The trader used to trade different types of things in the market for money.

The trader had a donkey. He used to put sacks of goods on the back of the donkey. And take them to the market to sell.

The trader was kind, and he used to take care of his donkey.

Trader knew that donkey was important to his business. The trader used to keep his donkey very neat and clean.

He used to give him good food. He was young and strong.

He could take many sacks on his back and carry them to the market.

But he was also a very lazy donkey.

The donkey did not like to work at all.

He only wanted to rest, dream, eat, sleep.

Oh no! market again! Master should take a day off someday.

I love Holidays!

But the donkey did not understand that the trader could not take a holiday. If traders do not go to market, then they will not earn.

Then there will be no food for traders and as well as for donkeys.

Depending on the market, traders used to sell the thing, pulse, grain, and vegetable.

He used to walk his donkey every day from his village. Each day to reach the market, they had to cross a river.

The trader took special care of the donkey while crossing the river.

One day, a friend told the trader. That there is a huge demand for salt, I think you should start trading salt.

Thank you for the tip, my friend.

I must start selling salt soon.

Soon, the trader arranged for 12 sacks of salt to be sold.

He took six sacks of salt and started to load them on the donkey’s back.

Donkey realized that the sacks were getting heavy. The donkey could not walk!

Oh, poor animal. He could not even walk; I should take a sack off. This should work.

Traders don’t want to hurt the donkey.

Trader lifted one sack off his back.

However, the donkey was not even ready to work. The trader cared for his donkey.

But he also knew that the donkey was lazy.

He took out his stick and pocked him

“Oh, come on now. Don’t be so lazy. You rested have enough; we need to go to the market.

That day trader sold all his sacks of salt in the market.

Oh! My friend was right.

The demand for salt is increasing now!

The trader started to sell salt every day.

He used to fill sacks and sacks of salt and load them up on the donkey.

The donkey had to carry sometimes five or sometimes six sacks of salt to the market.

The donkey was always relieved while returning home.

A few days passed. Then one day, the trader loaded six sacks of salt and left for the market.

As they reached the river, the trader noticed that the water was a little bit high.

“Let’s walk very slowly today.” I don’t want to slip and fall into this water.

As they crossed half the river, suddenly the donkey slipped off due to the big stone and sat down.

The trader somehow managed to pull the donkey up and made him cross to the river.

The donkey was scared and shocked. But then he felt something.

The sacks are still on my back. Then how does my back feel so light?

Oh! This river has magical power.

What that donkey didn’t know was that there was no magic in the river.

When he fell, all the salt dissolved in the river. That is why the donkey didn’t feel the load on his back.

There was no salt left in the sacks. There is no point going to the market; let’s go home.

“What, no load on the back and no work!”

This is truly magic!

The next day, the traders again loaded all six sacks of salt on the donkey’s back and moved towards the market.

They reached the river again donkey fell into the river.

“Did this donkey sit down in the river on purpose?” oh, what a lazy animal!

The Next Morning the trader loaded eight sacks on the donkey’s back.

But the donkey did not complain. Oh! Eight sack.

But why can’t you feel the burden? Anyway, let master put as many sacks on my back as he wants!

I am not going to market anyway.

The trader silently walked the donkey to the river. He knew that the donkey would trick him.

So this time trader, instead of salt, loads cotton on the donkey’s back.

As soon as the donkey sat in the water, cotton absorbed the water and became heavier!

“hahaha!” you thought you could fool me. Now you will have to walk to the market and back home with these eight sacks.

“Oh no,” this so heavy my back

The donkey realized that the water was not magic after all.

He carried the eight heavy sacks of cotton to the market and then back home.

From that day onwards, the donkey never dared to sit in the water again.

Moral of The Lazy Donkey story is Always work with sincerity and honesty. Otherwise laziness will ruin you

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