The Dove and the Ant: A Short Moral Story

The-Dove-and-the-Ant: A-Short-Moral-Story
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Once upon a time, a very thirsty ant was drinking water from the river. Suddenly, the ant lost its balance and fell into the river water.

Help! Help! Help! Can someone please help me? Is there anyone to save me? So cried the Ant, but no one could hear his cries. Ant was struggling for his life in the river.

A dove sitting on a tree nearby saw that the ant was in trouble, so she decided to help him. She quickly plucked off a leaf from the tree and dropped it into the water near the struggling ant. The Ant climbed up the leaf and reached the shore safely. He thanked the dove for saving his life.

After a few days, the dove was sitting on a tree when the ant saw the hunter aiming his arrow at the dove.

The Ant knew that his friend the dove’s life was in danger, so he quickly bit the hunter’s leg, and he shouted in pain.

The hunter’s arrow missed the dove, and the ant was very happy as he could save his friend the dove’s life in return.

The Dove thanked the Ant for saving her life, and they became friends forever.

The moral of the Dove and Ant story is one good deed deserves another.

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