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Unity is Strength | Panchatantra Story


Unity is Strength | Panchatantra Story


Unity is Strength | Podcast

Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a farmer named Rakesh. Rakesh had three sons, and they were always quarrelling with one another. Rakesh tried his level best to guide them to the right path, but they did not listen to him and did not heed his advice.

Rakesh was anxious and thought about how I would be able to convince them that if they keep on quarrelling, there are people who can take advantage of them. They have to be together one day. 

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Rakesh had an idea, so he called his sons and asked them to bring a few sticks. Each of the three sons received a set of wooden sticks. 

When they brought those sticks, he tied them into one bundle. He gave that bundle to each of the sons and asked the first one to try all his strength and try to break it. 

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The first son replied to his father, “It is such an easy task.” “I can break this in one minute.” 

Rakesh just smiled. The first son tried all his strength and power to break the bundle of sticks, but he could not break it at all. As he was tired, he gave the bundle back to the father. 

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Now the farmer turned to the second son and asked, “Son, can you try to break the bundle off?” The second son said to his father, “Father, this is so easy.” Why are you asking me to do such an easy task? “I will break this bundle in just a moment.” The farmer smiled again. He knew his second son couldn’t break it as well. After a while, when the second son realised that he could not break the bundle, he gave it back to his father. 

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Now it was time for the third son. The farmer turned to his third son and said, “Oh, son, can you take a chance to break this one?” Your elder brothers were not able to break it. The third son replied to his father, “Yes, father, I can.” “I’m the strongest among them.” 

I can break that bundle in a flash,” Rakesh said with a smile. He couldn’t watch the third son struggle to break the bundle again. So he gave the bundle back to his father. 

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This time, the farmer unties the bundle and hands one stick to each of his three sons, saying, “Okay, you tried the bundle; now can you break this stick on your own?”Before he can finish his sentence, all three of the farmer’s sons break the stick. 

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Rakesh looked at all three sons; by now, even all three of them realised what their father was telling them—they realised that if they keep on quarrelling, they will not be united. Anyone can break them and take advantage of them. However, if they unite and work together, they will become as strong as a bundle of sticks. Nobody can take advantage of them, and they will always prosper. 

Moral of the story is to be united, and you will emerge as unbreakable.

Unity is Strength

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