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How to Draw Cross in 5 easy steps


How to Draw Cross in 5 easy steps

A cross is a geometrical shape made up of a short horizontal line intersecting with a long vertical line.
This form is particularly associated with Christianity, as it represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on the cross, as well as the redemptive blessings of his passion and death.
As a result, the cross has become the primary emblem of Christ and Christianity.
While drawing a cross may appear simple, drawing it proportionally requires a great deal of focus and concentration.
And, because the figure of the cross is mostly made up of straight lines, don’t forget to use a ruler to help you draw a beautiful cross!
Things required to draw a cross
1: The scale.
Let’s learn how to draw a cross.

Step 1: We will make a pointed head.


Step 2-Now we will make a right-and-left crossbar.


Step 3-Now we will make the lower part of the cross.


Step 4: We will make an inner line as shown in the drawing.


Step 5: Now we will colour the image.


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