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The Frog and the Ox

Once upon a time, a frog lived with his family in a pond. That frog always told his children that there was no giant animal in the world bigger than him because the children of the frog had never gone far from the pond. They had never seen any giant creatures, so they always believed his words to be true and used to say that there were no more giant creatures in this world than my father.

Once upon a time, tadpoles were playing in the pond when they saw a vast bull drinking water from the pond. The children had never seen such a big animal, so they got very scared when they saw the bull. They immediately rush to their father’s side and gasp, “Father, we saw a giant with horns that also had a long tail!”

The father is amazed; he finds the pride of his massive body broken. He starts thinking, “What creature could that be?” He was considered huge in that pond.

He asked his children, “Was he as big as me?” The children replied, “No, father! He was much more giant than you; you are not even equal to his horn.” Hearing this, the father got furious; he inflated himself and asked, “Was he that big?” The children cry and answer, “No, father, he was massive; you are not even equal to his tail!” Father Frog got very angry; he inflated himself even more and then asked the same question but again got the same answer.

This process continued for some time; in the end, the frog inflated itself so much that it bursts.

A little knowledge always creates confusion, anger, and arrogance, and the result of such people is always like the frog in this story.

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