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Widow and the Sheep

Widow and the Sheep | Podcast

Once upon a time, there lived a poor widow in a village. She had a single sheep and sold its fleece at the market to make ends meet. To save money, she would shear the sheep herself. One day, while she was shearing the sheep, she accidentally cut its flesh along with the fleece. The sheep cried out in pain and questioned the widow, asking why she was hurting them. The sheep suggested that if she wanted its flesh, she should take it to the butcher to be killed instantly.

However, if she wanted its fleece, there was a skilled shearer who could shear it without causing any pain. The widow felt ashamed of herself and apologized to the sheep for her mistake. She then applied ointment to the sheep’s wound and promised never to harm it again.

The moral of the story is to be skilled and careful in whatever you do, to avoid causing harm to others. It also teaches us to treat animals with kindness and respect and to seek the help of professionals when necessary. The widow learned her lesson and realized that there were better ways to accomplish her goals without causing unnecessary pain or harm.

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