The Overconfident Doe | Aesop Fables


Once upon a time, a doe in the forest got injured while escaping safely from a hunter, suffering a severe injury to one of his eyes, due to which she lost sight of that eye.

Now the doe used to graze on the rocks near the sea to stay safe from the poachers because she thought the sea was more secure and the hunter would not attack him through the sea. The eye with which doe could see always kept it on the side of the hill, and the eye with which she could not see always kept it towards the sea.

One day, two fishermen sailing in the sea saw a doe grazing on the rock. One of them said, “My mouth waters seeing that, doe. Let’s hunt it and enjoy its delicious meat tonight.

The person took out his bow and arrow, aimed at that doe, and released the arrow. The very next moment, the doe was lying on the ground in agony. On the way to death, the doe was thinking, “I wish I had not been so sure of my safety; if I had kept my eyes on the ocean and the land, I would have survived today!”

This story teaches us that we should always beware of our enemies.

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