The Dog and the Sick Wolf | Aesop Fables

The Dog and the Sick Wolf

Once, a dog was walking through the forest when he saw a wolf. The wolf looked very weak and sick. Seeing the ill wolf, the dog asked the wolf, “Oh wolf, why do you look so sick and weak?” Hearing the dog, the sick wolf replied, “I have not had anything to eat for a long time, and I have become very sick because of hunger.”

Hearing him, the kind dog said, “I want to help you, seeing your pathetic condition.” If you want, I can help you a little.

Hearing that, the wolf becomes happy and says, “Thank you, friend,” but how can you help me? The dog says, “I live with my master and take care of his house; in return for my work, my master gives me good food every day.” You can come with me if you want, as you can help me with my work. In return, my master will provide you with good food to eat.

The wolf happily accompanies the dog to meet its owner. Suddenly, the wolf saw that some part of the dog’s hair was missing from his neck; he gestured and asked the dog about it.

The dog replied, “My master ties me to a tree every night by tying a leash around my neck.” Hearing this, the wolf said, “Friend, I cannot go with you.” I love my freedom. I prefer to live on less food than to be your master’s slave. And saying so, the wolf ran back towards the forest.

This story teaches us that even the dry food of freedom is better than the excellent food of slavery.

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